19. Two cheeky strips : Norway rehearses UPD

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After a short break for lunch, it was Norway's turn to recommence the day's rehearsal proceedings, and Norway girl Guri proved she could really wake up the hall with a stunning and cheeky rendition of Ven a bailiar conmigo.

Norway's entrance transforms the stage into a flowing scape of musical staves in glowing, ever-changing colours. Guri and her three female backing vocalists take to the stage dressed in tan outfits, Guri's dress shimmering with sequins with a daring thigh split. Two male dancers join her, as in the Norwegian final, wearing billowing white shirts open to the chest.

A cheeky little number… Twice!
The dance routine is extremely slick now, and has developed from the original to include even more authentic Latin moves. And how could they resist it… The Norwegians have worked in a sexy costume change into the routine, as Guri bursts from white feathers into a slinky orange number halfway through the song, and ultimately, at the finale, into something a lot more daring still; she ends up in a blushingly tiny gold number, as she is thrust into the air on top of her dancers' arms. Comparisons with Latvia's winner Marie N abound, with a camp cheekiness running throughout.

Excellent build
The song builds impressively well on stage, from the initial coy dance moves, which grow in a ballroom crescendo to the clothes-ripping finish. Guri gets right into the passion of it all, with an excited whoop at one point (and at another, a surprised cry and giggle as one of the dancers slightly misses his move!), and she gives a predictably polished performance of the excellently composed choreography.

Ven a bailar conmigo certainly benefits from being a real mover-shaker and foot-tapper, and seemed to be enjoyed by everyone in hall, in particular the Norwegian fans who had grouped to support Guri in the seated area!

Press Conference
As Guri is both a dancer as well as a singer she was asked what is the easiest way for her to express her feelings. She answered that she likes to do both, but that it often gives a mixed focus, but she is hoping that what she is doig this year will show a good combination.

She has previously taken part in Strictly Come Dancing which she was very happy to do: "It is a big challenge, but I love chalenges. You need to take chances in life, but I am very happy I did so". When asked if she would like to take part in Eurovision Dance Contest she said that she would love to do so, but she will be starting a show in september which makes her unable to do it this year. If she gets the oppertunity to do it another time she would be glad to be asked.

Guri is mainly known for all kinds of shows and has so far never released an album, but at the press conference she said that it is a big dream of hers to do so. If she does well at the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest this might be an opportunity.

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