18. Playing with colour: FYR Macedonia rehearses

by Richard West-Soley 61 views

The rehearsal of FYR Macedonia was characterised by an ever-changing backdrop as the delegation played with different colour schemes, not settling on a general scheme until the very last run through.

The run of red seemed finally broken as Karolina took to a black, starlit stage. Dry ice fills the floor and the bright white spot rings descend to the floor to form three circular rings behind the performers. However, the colour of the day was back again by the end of the song's initial performance, as the centre screen lit up, emblazoned with an ornate crimson and yellow motif. The colours and set are clearly up for negotiation, as the delegation seemed to play with several alternatives between run throughs, and by the second run through the motif was evident from the start, shifting between colours as the directors played with different colour combinations. By the final runthrough, the stage had switched back to a starlit backdrop with green swirls, but whether this will change again will be clear from the next rehearsal.

Sound check – dress check
After the initial soundcheck run through, Karolina's probable costume was bought onto stage to see how it looked under the lighting conditions on television. A revealing, short aqua dress was held up to camera before the run throughs continued in earnest – a hint that green may well be the final colour of choice for FYR Macedonia.

The return of the Wind Machine
The singer is joined on stage by three seated backing vocalists and a male and female dancer. All end up standing for the finish, with the female dancer hoisted aloft atop the shoulders of her male counterpart. Memories of Sweden's Carola are in full force as her almost namesake Karolina is buffeted by a strong wind machine through the song. Additionally, the presentation makes use of the most explosive (and surprising) pyros yet, with colourful purple crackers banging off at the key change.

After the wrangle some weeks ago over the language Karolina would sing, the final version is settled now and Karolina performs the end of the song in English. Karolina sang strongly, as would be expected from an established artist and a Eurovision Song Contest veteran.So much is certain about the entry; whether there are more changes will be clear at the next rehearsal.


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