Day 2 Review: They can stop the spring!

by Benny Royston 48 views

The second day at the press centre, the arena is open and are in full swing. Despite everyone having to trade their beach towels for smoking blankets and sunglasses for winter coats. As always, there were the usual little hiccups – such as the collapse of youtube this morning, which meant that we spent the day trying to catch up, everything within the team and more importantly, everything with the reharsals and press conferences ran pretty smoothly.

The performance of the day was Eurovision fan favourite, Edsilia Rombley, who gave a fabulous vocal performance with every rendition of her song. Poland, Georgia and Bulgaria all looked strong. The worried faces seemed to belong to people with money on Belarus and Switzerland, but it's just the first rehearsal and there is plenty of time to work on performances, vocal balances, stage settings and lighting.

In the press conferences, Edsilia once again dazzled the crowd with humour and information. Gerli from Estonia gave a good rendition of her song for the fans, DJ BoBo impressed with his knowledge and forthright comments, and DQ from Denmark showed that his claim to be a Eurovision fan can be backed with knowledge.

The Euroclub finally opened it's doors, with Swedish radio DJ Chris ruling the decks. The club was nowhere near capacity, but many of the fans and journalists will be arriving before Saturday night and the venue is perhaps the most impressive so far. More and more friends, familiar faces and first timers arrived and despite mother nature proving that Dervish may be wrong (even with global warming on their side), the Eurovision Song Contest in 2007 seems stronger than ever.

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