Exclusive: Who's that big voiced Vampire girl?

by Steve Holyer 194 views

Ever since DJ BoBo released his song Vampires are alive, we have been on the search for the “vampire lady” who lends her house inspired vocals to the track. Finally esctoday.com caught up with the sexy vampire Kimia Scarlett in Helsinki by the light of day. Now we can introduce her to you.

Steve Holyer found the vampire lady in Helsinki and tried to pose the simple question that esctoday.com readers have been asking. However, Kimia knew the question already. "You want to know who I am," she smiled. Of course the answer could be a long story, but to keep the story short the vampire lady told us her name is Kimia Scarlett (she also works under the name Kimia Fonkam), she goes by Kimi and she was born in Hamburg where she's always lived, though her mother is American.

Suspecting that the friendly studio singer might also be something of a house diva, we asked her. "Yes, what should I say. I am," she grinned almost shyly. Of course clubbers in Hamburg know Kimia for the house diva she is – there was a time when she was contributing live vocals in clubs with her friend Roger Cicero. In fact she's looking forward to catching up with her old friend from the club days when he arrives today to begin rehearsing for Germany.

How did she meet DJ BoBo? "I work as a studio singer in Hamburg, where I sing on lots of projects. I know DJ BoBo's producer – he's from Hamburg too, so I joined him on the last album (Pirates of Dance)." Naturally, when DJ BoBo was looking for a singer on Vampires are alive he turned to Kimia.

While concert goers and record buyers know her voice, they haven't seen her on-stage with the Swiss entertainer before – though Kimia has almost as much stage performance experience as singing experience making her perfect for DJ BoBo's act on the Eurovision Song Contest stage.

Where else would we have heard Kimia's voice? Not prepared to list her entire resume she paused a minute before listing several dance acts she has worked with including Brooklyn Bounce, Lothos (feat. Kimia Scarlett), Special D, Sandra and many others. She's also worked on demos with Rosenstolz and No Angels.

Kimia had to run off to keep her production company running; our vampire is a busy lady. In addition to her studio work, she's formed her own production company with some musical theater friends. Her goal is to help the singers – "there are a lot," Kimia grins – who work in Hamburg's musical theaters to build their career. "I'm always running back to check my emails and keep my business running," Kimia told us motioning to the computers in the press center with the determined look of a vampire house diva with many irons in the fire.

As far as what's next, Kimia let us know that she's working on a solo effort that we can look forward to hearing more about after the contest.

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