10. The Netherlands: performance of the day!

by Ilari Karhapää 83 views

Edsilia Rombley showed she means business and gave an outstanding performance from the very first run through of her song in the Netherlands rehearsal. The act is very well choreographed and staged, colorful and happy. The main color is orange but the disco ball hanging from the Arena's ceiling also makes an appearance.

The song starts slowly with Edsilia standing on a glass podium surrounded by her four female dancers Thirza Solcer, Merel Schaftenaar, Martine Hauwert and Charida Jonkhart. Bram Blankestijn, her male dancer plays guitar in the beginning before they all break into a very good looking dance routine.

Edsilia's vocals are on top of the world class as usual and the seemed well rehearsed and polished enough to push the Netherlands back to the Eurovision Song Contest final in what was roundly seen as the performance of the day so far. She was obviously resting her voice in further performances.


Edsilia's press conference just finished and it must have been the funniest one so far. Her bubbly personality and sense of humour got everybody laughing. Then, her roaring laughter is enough to put anyone in a good mood! She entered with her backing group singing her entry On top of the world throwing balloons into the crowd of press and fans.

Most questions were of course about her previous participation in 1998. She said it was great back then, with the live orchestra and everybody singing in their own language, now everything has changed. When asked why she switched to English after initially saying the song would stay in Dutch her straight to the point answer was: We want more points!

A lot of laughter followed all through this very well humoured and relaxed press conference, where her backing singers/dancers also got a chance to present themselves, as well as the choreographer and songwriters. She also talked what she has been doing between Birmigham 1998 and Helsinki 2007 "Sleeping!" followed with roaring laughter both from her and the press and fans) and her future plans.

The Netherlands rehearsal:


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