04. Magic for Belarus?

by Charlotte Jensen 62 views

Having what is widely regarded as one of the best videos this year, the big question is if the magic will work on stage for Koldun and Belarus. Today we had the opportunity to see what kind of stage show they will present for us this year and some magic were indeed included.

You can watch the Belarussian photo gallery here.

The show starts up with two female dancers standing in front of a big white screen, the screen opens into two halves but nothing happens. The dancers follow the screen when it closes again. Once again the doors open and as a magic trick Koldun appears this time.

About half way through the song two male dancersappear and the magic steps in again as they from time to time disappear behind the screen while the two female dancers are doing some mountain climbing on the two doors which now moves around on the stage.

The song ends with the two male dancers being on the doors while the two female ones join Koldun on the floor and the fireworks begin.These are very smallfireworks though which come out from the two sides and the top of the screeen.


At the press conference Philip Kirkorov, the songwriter of Work your magictook centre stage for much of the time. The man behind last year's Eurovision Song Contest second place entry introduced himself as a Eurovision fan, not as a songwriter or producer. He handed over some presents to the host nation, Finland: some vodka and a special box of Work your magic chocolate. This box was also given to the first five to ask a good questions during the press conference which might be the reasons that more questions than usual were asked.

Philip was asked about his favorite song from the Eurovision Song Contest and mentioned United Kingdom's entry Go from 1988 which was narrowly beaten by Celine Dion. However as he added there have been so many great songs through the years and he now considers his all time favorite entry to be Hold me now, Johnny Logan's second winner from 1987.

Koldun wasasked aboutancoming album. Koldun answered that for now he is only focusing on Eurovision and doing as best as possible, and afterwards, he will look at the next steps in his career.

With Philip Kirkorov as songwriter Belarus has previous experience from Contest, but that is not the only connection. He was proud to introduce the 4 dancers: Two Belarussian girls, a Russian man and a Swedish man who have previously been on stage at the Eurovision Song Contest as dancers for Carola.

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