The Netherlands: Ilse DeLange speaks with German N-TV magazine

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The Common Linnets, the pure country/bluegrass group that represented The Netherlands at this years’ Eurovision Song Contest in Denmark, are enjoying success across Europe following their performance at the ESC.

Ilse DeLange,the female half of the two lead vocalists in Denmark, was interviewed by Sabine Oelmann of the German N-TV magazine, on Thursday 5th of June 2014 in Berlin. Here follows a summary of the interview. 

The interview begins with a retrospective view of the performance of The Common Linnets during Eurovision 2014 in Copenhagen, Denmark. The lead singers, duo Ilse DeLange and Waylon, gave a very calm, beautiful and sober performance of their song Calm After The Storm.

According to N-TV magazine, The Common Linnets’ show formed, in its sober earnestness, a contrast to a lot of acts during the ESC. And although Austria’s Conchita Wurst earned the first prize, N-TV calls The Common Linnets “winners of the hearts”. Calm After The Storm reached a second place in the German iTunes-chart.

Sabine Oelmann from N-TV spoke with Dutch singer Ilse DeLange, founder of The Common Linnets-project, in Berlin. Ilse said that she had never expected such success and is still overwhelmed, yet very grateful. She thinks their success at Eurovision can be attributed to the earnest, almost sober contrast The Common Linnets formed in comparison with a lot of other acts in Copenhagen. The Common Linnets chose for a moment of stillness, staying true to themselves. This authenticity contributed a lot to their success, says DeLange.

This is also true of the winner, Austria’s Conchita Wurst: Ilse refers to critics who said that Conchita’s performance was just an act, a statement. Ilse disagrees, stating that Conchita’s performance was a moving moment, authentic because of her enormous stage-presence and great voice. Conchita is a deserving winner, and Ilse has no problem at all that The Common Linnets came second. DeLange thinks that the contrast between the winner and the number two shows the musical diversity and strength of Eurovision, and that’s something she loves.

Ilse DeLange furthermore explained that the The Common Linnets is a platform rather than a fixed group. This is the reason why her singing partner in Copenhagen, Waylon, has not been part of the band since Eurovision: he had obligations due to his solo-album and projects.

Yet all members of The Common Linnets share the same passion for music, pure country, bluegrass or folk music. DeLange is also very touched by their sudden success. She has been a major star in The Netherlands, but earning international interest was always very hard. Now, after some 15 years, she gets recognition from all over Europe, and even from the United States. Their album is a huge success. For Ilse, this is a dream come true and she feels very touched and emotional. She thinks that being authentic ans staying true to oneself are values that can lead to success, and these values are also key aspects of Eurovision.

Ilse Delange and Waylon, as The Common Linnets, will perform together once more on the 21st of June 2014 in the stadium De Grolsch Veste (Twente Stadion), city of Enschede, The Netherlands, during the Tuckerville-concert.

The complete interview by Sabine Oelmann for N-TV magazine can be found in German here

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