03. Cyprus' first rehearsal UPD

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Evridiki has just finished her first rehearsal and it all seemed to go very well, with minor sound problems initially with the backing vocals being ironed out. esctoday.com will be updating this article shortly after her first press conference takes place.

You can watch the Cypriot photo gallery here.

Evridiki´s first rehearsal is over and the staging is very graphic. The camera moves in on the catwalk while the staging is mainly in red but soon changes to huge orizontal white blocks before turning into multicolour sound equalizer-like screens in green and yellow before changing into white again. Pyroscomplete the performanceat the end of the song

Evridiki wasvocally strong, putting to bed any doubts about lack of live performances of the song and whether she could recreate the powerful vocals on stage. Tte two female backing vocalists seemed to have some sound problems. In the first run they were not heard at all, then too loud in the second one but it all came together to the final performance.

On TV screen it all looks veryimpressive with a lot of Evridiki shots in close up of course, or doing her rock chick movements. She has two female backing vocalists, a drum player, a keyboardist and of course Dimitris Korgialas on guitar who joins her on center stage throughout the song, with good chemistry between them.

Right after the end of the rehearsal the whole delegation moved to the viewing room to watch the taped rehearsal and to correct eventual mistakes.

Press conference

Moments ago the first Cypriot conference finished.Initially most questions were focused on her previous participations at the Eurovision Song Contest and Evridiki made it clear that now its a totally different contest, as many things have changed since her last participation in 1994.

Generally the Cypriot delegation was quite happy with the first rehearsal, admitted that there were minor sound problems and they are quite confident.There were a couple of questions to Dimitris Korgialas about his musical background and influences. The composer of the Cypriot entry named Cure, Depeche Mode and generally 80´s New Wave as his favourite musical influences.

A relevant question about future plans of the Cypriot representative made the head of delegations answer to the applause of the people: The winner's tour of course first! More seriously nothing specific is planned yet but Evridiki plans to tour Europe after the contest, and eventually release her single and album abroad.

Right after the conference Evridiki signed autographs for fans andstayed forphotographs with them.

The Cyprus rehearsal:


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