EuroBlog Round-up: Helsinki Edition – 2nd May

by Steve Holyer 51 views

It's EuroBlogger's job to find all the best Song Contest rumours, innuendo and gossip on the web, and EuroBlogger has always taken his job seriously. That's why EuroBlogger has gone where the action is – Helsinki.

EuroBlogger arrived in Finland in the late afternoon on the first day of May which might be the best time of all to arrive in Finland. That's because it's Vappu which is apparently Finnish for May Day. And, "Vappu is the day when all Finland is drunk…I mean really drunk, everyone drinks until (s)he runs out of money or is unable to swallow." Or that's what they say at the "Myths Legends and Tales of Finland" website (here). EuroBlogger can only say he saw a lot of happy people stumbling around Helsinki late yesterday evening.

Almost everone in town was wearing white sailor hats, but EuroBlogger understands they are the hats that Finnish students wear. Since Vappu has come to be associated with both students and labour every Finn who has ever been a student wears such a hat on these days according to the YLE attache who accompanied EuroBogger to Helsinki.

Unfortunately, I have to confess that YLE didn't assign an attache to EuroBlogger – as much as I'd like to start that little bit of Song Contest gossip. Euroblogger was just sitting next to a delightful Finnish lady who was assigned to one of the delegations.

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