UPD unplugged party: Ireland confirmed

by Benny Royston 61 views

The 'Big Four' countries will be hosting their fourth annual unplugged night in Helsinki. The date has been set for Tuesday 8th May, after the final day of individual rehearsals. The party starts at 9pm and all accredited fans and journalists are invited.

The Big Four unplugged night is an annual invitation for all Eurovision Song Contest participants to come along and sing unplugged (accoustic) versions of their entries or any other songs they want to perform. So far, the best party was the one in Kyiv 2005, where almost half the participants performed, some of them joining forces to sing duets.

The 2005 party saw Ortal from France and Son de Sol of Spain doing a mix of their two songs together, whilst Martin Stenmark of Sweden was joined by Ireland's Joseph McCaul for an impromptu rendition of Elvis Prestley's Suspicius minds.

It is expected that around 15 of this year's participants will perform at the party, hosted by the French, German, Spanish and British delegations. Les Fatals Picards, Roger Cicero, D'NASH and Scooch are of course all confirmed to be performing live and unplugged.

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Irish Eurovision Song Contest entrants, Dervish have confirmed that they will be accepting the invitation to appear on stage at the fourth annual Unplugged party!

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