Belgium fans pick Belarus

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With the Eurovision Song Contest final now less than two weeks away, Belgian fans are the latest OGAE members to add their predictions to the preview mix. Most of the big favourites find themselves with points, whilst Belarus' Koldun wins the douze points with Work your magic.

Switzerland's DJ Bobo, who has been one of the clear favourites across most of the OGAE 2007 polls so far, scooped second place in the vote, whilst Malta joins the leader board for the first time.

OGAE's Brussels vote for the final top ten is as follows:

  1. Belarus
  2. Switzerland
  3. Cyprus
  4. Ukraine
  5. Greece
  6. Serbia
  7. Bulgaria
  8. Denmark
  9. Slovenia
  10. Malta

Adding the Belgian scores to the running total, the board now looks like this:

  1. Switzerland 136
  2. Serbia135
  3. Belarus 110
  4. Cyprus98
  5. Slovenia97
  6. Greece 80
  7. Ukraine 76
  8. Bulgaria75
  9. Georgia43
  10. Russia41
  11. Denmark 40
  12. Germany36
  13. France35
  14. Bosnia & Herzegovina32
  15. Iceland31
  16. Sweden23
  17. Romania21
  18. Spain21
  19. Turkey15
  20. Latvia12
  21. Armenia11
  22. FYR Macedonia9
  23. Moldova8
  24. Israel7
  25. Lithuania7
  26. Netherlands6
  27. UK5
  28. Finland4
  29. Hungary2
  30. Poland 1
  31. Malta 1

Thanks to a helpful ten points from Belgium, Switzerland move back into the lead, pushing Serbia down just a single point behind. Cyprus moves up slightly ahead of Slovenia, and Ukraine does the same to Bulgaria. Denmark is a hair's breadth away from breaking into the top ten, a single point behind Russia girls Serebro. Malta attracts its first OGAE vote, joining the board with Poland on one point.

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Richard West-Soley

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