Nordic Preview show – part 3

by Charlotte Jensen 238 views

The third of the Nordic preview show featured the last 9 songs in the semi-final. Now it was time to complete the long list of countries that will be fighting on 10th of May for a place in the final two days later.

As usual the 5 Nordic experts disagreed on several songs. This time, Adam Duvå Hall, the Danish expert even disagreed with him himself. He awarded one of the songs 0 points, but a few minutes later he interrupted the program and asked to change his points. He had suddenly realised what the song was about, he now thought it was brilliant and wanted to award it with the maximum, 5 points.

In the first of the 4 shows Eirikur Hauksson promised not to give any of his competitors zero points although he has been quite close to breaking that promise a few times. Did he break down in the third show?

Charlotte Perrelli has before got sick by some of these songs and the third show was no exception: Sick…. It makes me sick. I’ll puke – so bad is this.

Thomas Lundin from Finland was able to announce which song is going to be the biggest disaster this year: This is the flop of the year! It is just so horrible and Per Sundnes from Norway might have got himself unpopular among many fans when he proclaimed the following statement: This is what makes Eurovision what it is because this is so bad that that you can’t describe it.

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