Copenhagen 2014 : iTunes charts, who is the real winner so far?

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Copenhagen 2014 : iTunes charts, who is the real winner so far?

48 hours after Conchita Wurst’s victory at the 59 Eurovision song contest in Copenhagen, it is time to analyse the iTunes charts from around the world. Conchita Wurst and The Common Linnets are currently enjoying some high rankings across Europe.

Conchita Wurst is at the moment topping 7 iTunes single charts. Indeed she is number one in Austria, Finland, Greece, Malta, Switzerland and perhaps more surprisingly Belarus and Russia. She is top 5 in 16 other countries including Lebanon and top 10 in 6 other countries. On a more noticeable note, she has entered the iTunes charts in The United States, Colombia, Mexico, Taiwan, Malaysia, the United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Mauritius, Canada, South Africa, Ecuador or Brazil…

The Common Linnets finished second of the contest and have entered the charts in several countries as well. They are currently topping the iTunes charts of 10 countries : their own country, The Netherlands, Latvia, Belgium, Sweden, Denmark, Slovenia, Lithuania, Ireland, Estonia and Norway. They are also in 9 top 5 and in 5 top 10. Across the other continents, they have entered the charts in South Africa, Vietnam, Namibia, Qatar and Colombia.

Sanna Nielsen from Sweden, 3 rd of the contest, secured 13 top 10 and entered the charts in Qatar as well.

The 3 acts have also made their way in the Australian iTunes charts.

Official charts will be published throughout the next 7 days in different countries. Stay tuned on in the coming weeks to find more about charts success of the 2014 contestants.

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Stephane London
Stephane London

I remember watching my first Eurovision Song Contest in 1988, aged 7. I have been a true fan since then.

  • Neil

    Well said, Wonderwall. The view in Belgium is pretty much the same view here in the United Kingdom. Juries reduce the distorting effect of diaspora voting. Those awful years in the early 2000s when it was the Eurovision Voting Contest are over and it’s all thanks to juries of music professionals.

  • Erik

    Armenians, Russians, Greeks and Turks/Azeri, have no reason to complain at all about the voting, while having their diaspora favoured their homecountry for years. The Netherlands never could rely on such a outlandisch base as we can happily life in our own country and (as a side effect can not vote for our own nation). So reaching the final and than 2nd spot sounds like a victory to us, while non qualifying or outside top 10 to these countries must feel like dead.

  • Wonderwall

    Arka, being belgian I can only speak for Belgium. For years Armenia always received very high points from Belgium, even when the song was bad. This was all caused by Armenianswho were living in Belgium and who were voting a lot. The same happened with the Greeks as well. So for years the belgian votes didn’t reflect the taste of belgians at all. This had nothing to do with politics but everything with people voting for a sometimes bad song just out of patriotism. You (and some Greeks as well) may complain that combined with the jury vote Armenia (and Greece) suddenly receives few or no points from Belgium, but we Belgians have the feeling that our voting finally reflects our taste again. And I have a feeling there are some more countries in Europe that have the same feeling with the combined televoting-jury vote. This has really nothing at all to do with politics. It’s just normal honesty. That’s it! ;)

  • Arka

    Armenian’s song ,YOU are not alone” is a wonderful . I am sure that even ISRAEL’s, BELGIUM’s, ITALY’s GREECE’s juries,( and some others ) although took 12 points , which are earned by ARAM MP3 . NOW enjoy a wonderful song. MAy be the next year politics won’t impact on your taste ,Juries.