Eurovision 2014: Grand Final dress-rehearsal

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The 2014 Eurovision Song Contest is approaching its culmination. The first dress rehearsal for the Grand Final took place yesterday with all the finalists, a few new things and some, unwanted by the producers, delays.

After last night’s second semi-final the list of participants was completed for the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest Grand Final. On Friday and Saturday, the dress rehearsals for the last show of the Contest began. The qualified participants rehearsed in the official running order, as well as the guest artists that will perform in the interval acts.

Before the competing acts, flags of the participating were seen waving around the stage. All the artists that will perform in the Final entered the stage as the name of their respective country was announced in English, French and a their national language. The presenters, Pilou Asbæk, Nikolaj Koppel and Lise Rønne introduced the show with comments in English, French and Chinese (!).

Once the introductions were completed, Mariya Yaremchuk opened the rehearsal of the competition for Ukraine with no issues until the very end, when Roman Blazhkiv could not complete his routine as he fell out of the wheel accidentally, though he quickly got back on his feet.

Teo entered second for Belarus with his Cheesecake and his dance routine, including the final kick to the camera.

Next was Dilara Kazimova representing Azerbaijan with no modification to the previous acts of Start a fire.

Pollapönk’s No prejudice again filled the arena with color, lively beat and the positive vibes of the Icelandic act.

Norway came next and brought an emotional feeling to the arena with Carl Espen’s Silent storm.

Then the Miracle of the Romanian singers Paula Selling & OVI boosted again the mood of the audience with their vibrant performance.

This was followed by the initially calm in the beginning but progressively powerful Armenian entry Not alone, by Aram Mp3. At this point, the first part of the rehearsal leaves an impression of a roller-coaster of music that brings the audience up and down the hills of the beat of music.

Sergej Ćetković followed for Montenegro, bringing a touch of the Balkan music with Moj svijet. Poland continued the folk music-style with Donatan & Cleo’s My słowianie, but with the already known beautiful touch of spicy.

Freaky Fortune and RiskyKidd (and their trampoline athlete Arthour Gieremian) came onto the stage then to Rise up once more time Greece and the arena.

Austria’s Conchita Wurst again mesmerized the audience at the rehearsal with Rise like a Phoenix.

The first Big 5 country continued the rehearsal with the three components of Elaiza singing their Is it right? for Germany. As all the artists in the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest, they have sung their act a few times and have no issues with it, but their rehearsal was not exempt of problems: the serpentines that are thrown on the stage close to the end of the song fell onto the Eli, Natalie and Yvonne in a bunch that got them a bit entangled.

Sanna Nielsen has had her share of technical issues in the past rehearsals and performances for Sweden, and though this time there was no glitch visible on screen while she sang Undo, the disco ball featured during her rehearsal was stuck to the cord and the technicians struggled to release it and take it out of the stage.

The second Big 5 country, France, was the fourteenth to rehearse. TWIN TWIN started Moustache a bit later than expected due to another technical problem.

The Tolmachevy Sisters climbed onto their seesaw to Shine again for Russia.

The sisters were followed by the third Big 5 country: Italy. Emma Marrone spoke of La mia città with the same energy that she has displayed in the previous rehearsals.

Tinkara Kovačwas next, for Slovenia. Always carrying her flute, she sang Round and round with no flaw.

Finland brought yet more vigor to the public in the B&W Hallerne with the rehearsal of Softengine.

The rock power displayed by Italy and Finland was succeeded by the soothing rainfall that Ruth Lorenzo carried onto the stage. The Spanish representative performed Dancing in the rain with a new dress and a singular detail. Her hair appeared to be wet, as if she had actually been dancing in the rain.

Switzerland was the next country to rehearse after Spain, with Sebalter’s Hunter of stars and his shiny smile .

The optimistic Swiss entry was followed by András’s more serious Running for Hungary.

The components of Firelight stood again on stage for Malta, visibly happy as they sang Coming home. There was a special spark in their eyes during the first rehearsal of the semi-final. They must still be touched by their qualification.

The host country, Denmark, was the 23rd to rehearse. Basim took over the stage and the while arena with his Cliche love song as the public celebrated his act.

The Netherlands was delayed due to another technical problem. Once resolved, The Common Linnets could finally bring the Calm after the storm.

Valentina Monetta rehearsed for the Final for the first time. Not only in the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest, but for the first time after her three attempts to qualify for the Final as the singer for San Marino. She had too a different glistening in her eyes as she sang Maybe.

The last Big 5 country, the United Kingdom, was the last one to rehearse, as determined by the announced running order. Molly performed Children of the universe wearing a golden dress. No special effects were utilized this time, apart from the lights and the screens on the backdrop.

Once the rehearsals of the competing acts was finished, we could see Emmelie de Forest, the Copenhagen Drummers and the winner of the 2013 Junior Eurovision Song Contest, Gaia Cauchi taking part in different sections of the interval act.

The first rehearsal has served as a preview of what the Grand Final will look like, although it has been disrupted at different points due to technical problems. But this is what rehearsals are for: finding the issues and their solution. We remain sure that all the issues will be tackled and that the Grand Final will be a great show.

The Grand Final of the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest will take place on 10 May at 21:00 CET.

Stay tuned to for more news on the Eurovision Song Contest.


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