Spain: Ruth Lorenzo’s last performance details

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The Spanish Broadcaster RTVE has released the latest information about the country’s entrant performance and the coverage of the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest.

As the Grand Final of the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest approaches, the last details are being wrapped up for the Spanish delegation.

There has been one last minute modification, as Ruth Lorenzo will perform Dancing in the rain at the B&W Hallerne in Copenhagen wearing a different dress. Ruth herself explained that the one that had been previously chosen, designed by Anmargo, did not show the effect that was expected on screen. The dress we had chosen is wonderful, but once we saw how it looked on screen we had to search for alternatives, in the singer’s words.

The new dress could be seen already in the first dress rehearsal of the Grand Final. It was designed by the Danish designer Karim Design and it displays a mermaid-like style, with silver lace and sequined.

In the first rehearsal, Ruth appeared on stage with with her hair given a visually wet treatment.

Ruth Lorenzo will sing in the 19th position in the Grand Final. In her press conference on Friday, she said she would have preferred the 22nd, but said I love it. Loreen was 17th and she won, Emmelie de Forest was 18th and won. I’m in the 19th position… If it follows this sequence, it’s my turn!

Destino Copenhague

The Spanish broadcaster has prepared a special coverage of the event. At 20:00 CET, the special Destino Copenhague will air on La Primera (RTVE’s first channel). Presented by Elena S. Sánchez, the show will have the past participants for Spain Rosa López and Daniel Diges; Tony Sánchez, the composer of Pastora Soler’s Quédate conmigo, and the Eurovision expert Reyes del Amor as guests. Connections with Copenhagen, a show which has followed Ruth’s activities before and after her performance will be aired.

José María Iñigo will be the commentator for RTVE and Carolina Casado will present the votes of the Spanish audience and the jury. The members of the latter will be the composers Leticia Fuentes and Kiko Rodríguez, as well as Raúl, Jorge González and La Dama, who attempted to represent Spain in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest.

The 2014 Eurovision Song Contest on

The Eurovision Song Contest will be broadcast on-line though the site, which will show the comments on the show made by the experts. The first reaction of Ruth Lorenzo after her performance will also be available on-line on

The fans can express themselves through the hashtag #eurovisiontve and follow the activity on-line about the Eurovision Song Contest through the social radar, developed by the Laboratorio de Innovación Audiovisual. The app +tve will allow fans to capture their favourite moments of the show. The interactive special Guayominí, el valor de un voto, on, will also give all of the details on the votes.

Ruth Lorenzo will sing Dancing in the rain for Spain during the Final of the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest tonight.

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