Sopho Khalvashi interview

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Sopho the Georgian representative at the forthcoming Eurovision Song Contest opened her heart and shared her dreams with esctoday editor Sanjay Jiandani in an exclusive interview. Georgia will be debuting at the Eurovision Song Contest with their very first Eurovision entry Visionary dream.

Sopho is very proud of representing her home country Georgia at the fortchoming Eurovision Song Contest. She goes on to reveal how she was introduced to the musical scene and world. She talks about her Eurovision entry Visionary Dream describing it as a blend and combination of modern music with traditional Georgian elements. She assures us that her performance in Helsinki will be different to the one in the Georgian final.

Sopho when and how did you start your singing career?

I dreamed about becoming a singer since my childhood. I started to sing when I was about 3 years old. And very soon my family realized how important music was to me. So they always tried to encourage and help me in everything. I began to study in the Music School (Piano and Oboe Departments) in Batumi. In 2003, I became a prize-winner of the International Pianists Contest held in Tbilisi together with a friend of mine. Later I started singing and since that time I realized that singing is my destiny and my chance to live a real life. Later I took part in the TV Song Contest “Nutsas Skola”, where I became a winner as a Jury Favorite, next was Yurmala, Latvia in 2006. It was the first International Song Contest for me and I became a third place prize-winner. My music teacher thinks that I have a very special voice, calling it “mezzo-soprano of big range”. The Eurovision Song Contest is a much higher step for me. I am working very hard to get prepared for my performance in Helsinki and it’s a great pleasure to be doing something that you live for.

Tell us about yourself. Your hobbies and what you like. How is the Sopho behind the stage?

I think behind the stage you would see me as a girl who has the same dreams and likes as all the young girls. Of course, most of my dreams are connected with music. In my spare time and to tell the truth, I do not have it very often nowadays, I try to meet up with friends and spend time with my family. I enjoy discovering new things. One of my favourite sayings is "The one, who searches, will always find!” And I think that music is the best way for me to discover new things and new possibilities to grow.

What does it mean for you to be the first singer to represent Georgia at the forthcoming Eurovision Song Contest?

I am very happy about my debut and the debut of Georgia. On one hand that is not easy because it is a big responsibility to represent my own country at this important musical contest and especially when it is going to be the first appearance of Georgia at the Eurovision Song Contest. I know that I have to do my best not to miss the chance to introduce my country through my music. I feel that Georgian people are supporting me and that helps out a lot. Music is the best way to connect different people and cultures and Eurovision proves this every year. I am really glad that my song will be part of it in 2007.

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