Roger Cicero: 'last chorus in English'

by Charlotte Jensen 38 views

The German entry this year seems not to be completely in German as first assumed. In an interview with our Danish partner site Roger Cicero reveals that the last chorus of Frauen regier�n die welt will be sung in English at the Eurovision Song Contest in Helsinki.

In the interview published today Roger Cicero talks about what made him participant in the German final, his view on the contest and his plans for the future. When asked what made him sing in German he answers: It is a part of me and I think it will be too ordinary just to sing the whole song in English. I will be singing the last chorus in English though to give people an idea about what I am singing.

As reported FYR Macedonia was initially turned down in their request to sing in English as they applied too late but the decision was changed today to allow the final choruses to be sung in English. At the moment we don’t know if Roger Cicero did apply in time, as there has been no other information regarding this available.

Germany is, as a so-called Big4 country automatically qualified for the final 12th of May in Helsinki.

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