OGAE Luxembourg: the votes are in!

by Marcus Klier 156 views

Although Luxembourg hasn't competed in the Eurovision Song Contest for years, their OGAE fan club – just like the Italian one – is still active and thus, they have the right to be included in the OGAE voting tables. The overall scoreboard has changed once again with Switzerland taking over the lead.

The OGAE Luxmbourg top 10 is as follows:

  1. Cyprus
  2. Switzerland
  3. Germany
  4. Slovenia
  5. Latvia
  6. France
  7. Netherlands
  8. Serbia
  9. Spain
  10. Russia

With six points from Luxembourg, the votes for Latvia have doubled. The Netherlands have achieved their second set of votes and the highest one so far, four points. Belarus-long time leaders -surprisingly did not receive any points at all.For the first time, Cyprus got the 'douze points' which move them up to a fifth position.

The overall scoreboardso far:

  • Switzerland 87
  • Serbia 80
  • Belarus 69
  • Slovenia 65
  • Cyprus 52
  • Ukraine 46
  • Greece 42
  • Bulgaria 34
  • France 29
  • Russia 28
  • Georgia 27
  • Bosnia & Herzegovina 24
  • Germany 24
  • Iceland 22
  • Denmark 19
  • Romania 17
  • Spain 16
  • Sweden 16
  • Turkey 15
  • Latvia 12
  • FYR Macedonia 8
  • Israel 7
  • Netherlands 6
  • Finland 4
  • Armenia 2
  • Hungary 2
  • Moldova 1

13 countries have now cast their votes and we can see Switzerland's DJ BoBo (Vampires are alive) in first place now, closely followed by Serbia with only seven points behind. Seven countries have yet to score, among them the Czech Republic as a newcomer and Austria as a returning country.

The last time Luxembourg, one of the countries that took part in the very firstedition of the contest back in 1956, competed in the Eurovision Song Contest was back in 1993 with Donne-moi une chance by Modern Times. They finished 20th with only 11 points, ten of them were given by Malta.

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