2007 Nordic Preview show – part 2

by Charlotte Jensen 53 views

The 5 Nordic experts have now once again spoken their mind.

Albania: Aida & Frederik NdociHear my plea

Eirikur Hauksoon, Iceland: I think it is their English they are apologising for. If anyone knows those two then please ask them to sing in their native language! It is not the worst song we will get to hear, the tune is ok, but the language is wrong. 2 points.

Adam Duvå Hall, Denmark: He looks like Al Pacino from Scarface. They need some marriage counselling! I am, every moment, expecting it to stop and him admitting thatthis was just a joke. 0 points.

Charlotte Perrelli, Sweden: This is really bad. I understand that some might like this heart and pain thing, but I am about to puke! 0 points – double zero if I could give that.

Thomas Lundin, Finland: He is yelling a lot – for nothing. A lot of body language and mimic, but he is not coming out with any emotions at all. It is just an echo – but a solid echo. 1 point.

Per Sundnes, Norway: I give it one point also – due to the mustard and that I am looking very much forward to seeing this live on stage.

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