Nordic Preview show – part 2

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Part two of the Nordic Preview shows featured the songs performing as 11th to 19th in the semi-final. As usual the five Nordic experts didn�t quite agree, but the result placed Serbia and Denmark with a good chance of qualifying to the final � if these experts are anywhere near being right in their judgement of the songs.

These shows are an annual joint event between Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark and Iceland and are a lot of fun. For the viewers it is a traditional preview show featuring all the videos of the participating songs added with an expert from each of the Nordic countries. In the 2007 edition there is even more focus than usual as one of the experts, Eirikur from Iceland is also taking part in the Eurovision Song Contest.

In the second edition Charlotte Perrelli, formerly known as Nilsson when she won the Eurovision Song Contest in 1999, was presented with a couple of songs which she obviously didn’t have many feelings for: This is really bad. I understand that some might like this heart and pain thing, but I am about to puke! 0 points – double zero if I could give that. And a bit later she got sick again: It makes me sick. I am trying to listen to it, but I can't. Get it away! It is the worst I have ever heard! 0 points.

In the first of the 4 preview shows Eirikur promised not to give any of his coming competitors zero points although, it was quite close a few times. In the second show he was tempted again: Well I have promised not to give zero points to any of my competitors, but it is becoming quite tempting. And a bit later he really started realising the fact that taste differs all over Europe: This is a song which makes me think about how weird it is that I am standing here and also will be singing on 10th of May as this is a song which might actually qualify while I have to go home that Thursday evening. But I have to say my opinion and this is really bad.

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