Exclusive: FYR Macedonia english application rejected

by Benny Royston 58 views

FYR Macedonian delegation decided on Wednesday to apply to the EBU for permission to allow Karolina sing the second half of her song, Mojot svet, in English. They have confirmed to esctoday.com that they decided to allow Karolina to perform the bilingual verison of the song, but their application has been rejected by the EBU. They have now appealed against the decision and hope for a positive outcome by Monday of next week.

Karolina is desperate to sing part of the song in English but initially, the FYR Macedonia rules stated the performance had to be in their native language. After taking Karolina's views into consideration, taking soundings from the record company, other music experts and the fans, including the reaction to the song following the release of the English version, the delegation met and decided to formally apply to sing the second half of the song in English.

The EBU rejected the request with the view that at this late stage it would not be possible to change the language. Earlier this week, esctoday.com contacted the EBU to ask if a language change to part of the song would be allowed. Svante Stockselius told told us that "the participating songs can not be changed at all after they have been delivered at the HoD-meeting two months prior to the event. In some cases, after a formal request, we might allow some minor adjustments."

The FYR Macedonian delegation have appealed against this decision and are now awaiting a final decision. It remains to be seen whether the delegation can convince the EBU to allow 'some minor adjustments', and a decision is expected by monday.

esctoday.com will of course continue to cover this story closely.

Karolina will represent FYR Macedonia in the Eurovision Song Contest semi-final in Helsinki on May 10th after Elena Risteska took the country to 12th place in Athens.

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