Greece: The press conference

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After a break in the rehearsals schedule, Theofilos, Shane and Nikolas, the Greek hopefuls came for their second rehearsal. A few production adjustments were made in between their 3 allowed performances.

The Greeks performed in their outfits. Arthour the trampoline athlete jumped together with the lead singers until the end of the song. The Greeks left the stage happy and screaming in front of a Eurovision camera but they actually had to do that take twice.

After their rehearsal, they did their press conference in front of different medias and fans.

The Greeks are really impressed by the stage and are looking forward to have a full crowd in front of them soon. They talked about the trampoline idea and the choreographer  Yiorgos Papadopoulos explained that it’s an Olympic sport, that Greeks in these hard times can go higher and rise up. It also brings a young freedom spirit on stage that young Greeks can relate to. The boys confessed along side Arthour, that they had to train every day for 2 hours in order to be able to handle jumping together. It is a very tiring and hard but they are happy to have it on stage.

The song was composed before the contest and it was supposed to be their next single but the Eurovision opportunity came at the same time and decided to use that song for the competition.

Shane explained that his mum is Jamaican and this has influenced him in his career and it is part of him. He also mentioned that the key to success in this industry is 50% chance and 50% about you, you have to work hard.

The head of delegation thanked Denmark and the staff at the Eurovision Song Contest for being extremely kind and praised their hospitality.

Greece will perform in 13th position at the second semi-final on 8 May 2014.

Do you agree with Shane, do you believe that it’s 50% luck 50% effort to be successful in the music industry?

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