Exclusive: Karolina to get language u-turn? UPD

by Benny Royston 51 views

After reading the fans reactions on esctoday.com, taking Karolina's wishes into consideration and consultation from various fields, it has been confirmed to esctoday.com that the FYR Macedonian delegation are to revisit the idea of the song Mojot svet being performed in both Macedonian and English at the Eurovision Song Contest.

Aftera huge leap in popularity of the song on the fan's polls after the English version was released, there has been increased pressure both from at home and abroad for Karolina Goceva to perform her song in both Macedonian and English at the Eurovision Song Contest. Earlier this month, Tatjana Gogoska, the FYR Macedonian Head of Delegation, confirmed that there had been discussions about the idea and a bilingual version of the song had been created, but it would not be used.

Since that time, the song has continued to rise in popularity and is now being considered as a possible winner in Helsinki. It has topped several fans polls and on the esctoday.com BigPoll, Karolina is now in a clear second place and very close to overtaking Malta in first place.

It now seems likely that the last two choruses of the song are to be performed in English, and that discussions are still taking place about whether the whole second half of the song will be switched to English. A final decision will be made on Wednesday this week.



Do you think that Karolina should sing Mojot svet in Macedonian only or in both Macedonian and English? Click on the poll below to have your say now. To ensure that the reader's opinions are taken into consideration, esctoday.com will report the results to MKTV prior to the final decision being made.

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