OGAE France predicts Switzerland to win!

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OGAE France held their spring meeting this past Sunday at Le Tango Club in Paris. The well-attended meeting was highlighted by the presence of Sandra Kim and French Head of Delegation Bruno Berberes. The members had the chance to vote for this year�s participating songs and the results predict Cyprus, Serbia and Switzerland in the first three spots of the semi final and the latter to win the final in Helsinki.

The songs were ranked from 1-10, but France was not included in the voting for obvious reasons.A poll was organised that showed that French fans are quite confident of a good outcome for Les Fatals Picards. 39,2% believe that France will be between 6th and 10th, 27,5% think they will be from 11th to 15th and 21,6% believe that L’amour a la française will end up 1st to 5th.Sandra Kim, the 1986 Eurovision Song Contest winner, was a special guest of OGAE France for the evening. She was happy to answer the fans’ questions and she performed her winning entry J’aime la vie, followed by a medley of Eurovision favourites including Save your kisses for me and Ne partez pas sans moi.Bruno Berberes, the Head of the French delegation was also present. He revealed information on the French selection this year, offering the audience a glimpseof some of the submitted songs that did not make it to the Top 10 of “Et si on gagnait?”
These are the complete results of the OGAE France prediction:

Semi final results
1. Cyprus (272 pts)
2. Serbia (265 pts)
3. Switzerland (256 pts)
4. Slovenia (236 pts)
5. Belarus (221 pts)
6. Denmark (165 pts)
7. Bulgaria (162 pts)
8. The Netherlands (152 pts)
9. Hungary (116 pts)
10. Iceland (110 pts)
11. Moldova (109 pts)
12. Turkey (107 pts)
13. Malta (101 pts)
14. Latvia (100 pts)
15. Israël (85 pts)
16. Georgia (79 pts)
17. Belgium (79 pts)
18. Portugal (78 pts)
19. Poland (71 pts)
20. Estonia (65 pts)
21. Norway (58 pts)
22. FYR Macedonia (54 pts)
23. Andorra (48 pts)
24. Austria (36 pts)
25. Czech Republic (32 pts)
26. Croatia (11 pts)
27. Albania (5 pts)
28. Montenegro (1 pt)

Final results

1. Switzerland (149 pts)
2. Cyprus (143 pts)
3. Serbia (123 pts)
4. Germany (108 pts)
5. Slovenia (93 pts)
6. Romania (90 pts)
7. Greece (82 pts)
8. Belarus (74 pts)
9. The Netherlands (67 pts)
10. Spain (57 pts)
11. Hungary (57 pts)
12. Bulgaria (57 pts)
13. Denmark (54 pts)
14. Russia (54 pts)
15. Iceland (37 pts)
16. Ukraine (35 pts)
17. Finland (35 pts)
18. Bosnia & Herzegovina (21 pts)
19. Ireland (19 pts)
20. United Kingdom (17 pts)
21. Sweden (14 pts)
22. Armenia (13 pts)
23. Lithuania (0 pt)

A very special thank you to Alex Rouffignac for the submission of the information.

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