Aqua Søren and Adam Duvå Hall as commentators

by Charlotte Jensen 41 views

The two Danish commentators for the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest have now been chosen. That it will be Adam Duvå Hall comes as no surprise, but it was quite unexpected that Søren Rasted from the band Aqua will join him.

Adam Duvå Hall was also one of the two commentators last year and for the past two years he has been hosting the Danish final, both times with a different partner and now he will once again have another co-commentator. Adam is also the Danish expert in the Nordic Preview shows this year so something might indicate that Denmark may have found a new Mr. Grand Prix to take over from legendary Jørgen De Mylius.

Søren Rasted is well known to most as a member of the worldwide known Danish band Aqua. He is a singer, songwriter and a producer as well so no one can doubt that he has the required background to be commentating a music contest. Though the band split up he is still reminded of it daily as he is now married to the female lead singer, Lene Nystrøm. Aqua was interval act at the 2001 Eurovision Song Contest held in Copenhagen with a record audienceof 40,000 .

Adam and Søren will haveto keep their fingers crossedon Thursday 10th of May as Denmark is in the semi-final this year due to Sidsel not managing a top 10 last year.

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