Demandi poll: First results

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The first results of the Eurovision Song Contest poll by Demandi have been announced. With one thousand voters so far divided by language of preference (ie English and French/German) Sweden, Greece, Serbia and Switzerland are in the lead. Only 8% of the voters feels that a good performance can ensure a good result and, also, half the voters seem to want the old system of announcing the votes back.

Fans can vote in three slightly different polls in English, German and French. English-speaking participants favoured Sweden (52%), followed closely by Greece (48%), Serbia and Switzerland. French as well as German speakers consider Switzerland and Greece as hot favourites too.

The rest of the English-speaking voters' top ten is as follows:
Belarus 45%
Cyprus 40%
Russia 35%
Ukraine 32%
Turkey 31%
Bulgaria 28%

Voters who stated they support the UK entry gave some very interesting answers. One third of them (33%) believes that Scooch will do well but they don't have a chance of winning. Another third (30%) feel that they will rank somewhere in the middle of the table. And a large 24% believes it's going to be a disaster. Only 12% believe that Scooch can win this year.

Irish supporters are equally divided. 28% think Dervish can win, 38% feel they'll do well but they don't have a chance of winning and 30% predict a disaster.

The voters are also asked to express their opinion on some of the most controversial issues surrounding the contest, such as neighbourly voting and the features they want reintroduced. As far as the exchange of votes between neighbouring countries is concerned half the voters (53%) feel it's slightly political, 24% think it's not political but just based on cultural similarities and only a disappointing 8% believes that with a good performance you always get high points.

When asked which aspects of the contest they wanted reintroduced, 51% demanded to have the full results read on TV, 34% want the orchestra back, 29% want the native language only rule and 22% want to do away with the televoting and bring the juries back.

You can take the poll yourself here for English speakers.

And here for French and German speakers:

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