Eurovision on YLE channels in April

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YLE is facing the biggest challenge in its history when it stages the Eurovision Song Content 2007 in May. After waiting for it over 40 years YLE is giving it maximum exposure and all YLE channels are filled with Eurovision related shows in April leading the way to the semi final on May 10 and the final on May 12 live from Hartwall Areena.

Euroviisujen parhaat – Best of Euroviisut

Already yesterday we had a bit of a nostalgia and Euroviisut history when YLE2 aired Euroviisujen parhaat (Best of Eurovision). The concert, held in Espoo’s Länsiauto Areena on February 8, featured Laura, Katri Helena, Marion, Sonja Lumme, Ami Aspelund, Anneli Saaristo and CatCat amongst others singing their Euroviisut entries and Eurovision covers, and giving a touching homage to Kirka who was supposed to sing there as well but died a few days earlier. Read the original article here.
Next week Warner Music Finland will re-release the double albums Suomen Euroviisut 1961-2006 (Finnish Eurovision entries 1961-2006) and Käännetyt Euroviisuhelmet (Covered Eurovision pearls) and a brand new double-CD Finaaliklassikot (Final classics), more information here.

The previews

YLE will broadcast the preview videos in two shows on April 7 and 14 hosted by Heikki Paasonen. The first one features female commentators Lotta Backlund, Anna Muurinen, Vappu Rossi and Maria Veitola. The second one is all male with Risto Asikainen, Sami Hintsanen, Titus Hjelm and Tomi Saarinen. The radio prelistening shows will be broadcasted on April 7 and 9 hosted by Sanna Kojo.
YLE TV2 at 17.45 CET and YLE Radio Suomi 14.00 CET

Lailasta Lordiin

Lailasta Lordiin (From Laila to Lordi) is a special radio documentary on the Finnish Eurovision history by Sanna Kojo and broadcasted on April 7, 14 and 21.
YLE Radio Suomi 19.04 CET

Eurovision Countdown
On April 22 the Eurovision countdown shows will start on YLE2 presented by Ulrika Eriksson and Jani Toivola with news on preparations, interviews, gossip and everything else that is happening in Helsinki and Eurovision 2007.
YLE TV2 17.40 CET and reprise April 26 YLE TV2 15.35


The weekly Euroviisuradio (Eurovision radio) goes daily from April 23 on YLE Radio Suomi channel.
YLE Radio Suomi 9.50 CET

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