San Marino: The Valentina Monetta Interview

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We travel today to one of Europe’s tiniest countries, namely San Marino, in our series of the 2014 Eurovision ESCToday Interviews. We land in the beautiful landlocked city of San Marino where meet up with the  2014 Sammarinese Eurovision representative Valentina Monetta, who will be defending San Marino for the 3rd consecutive time. She speaks to us about her forthcoming Eurovision entry, Eurovision experience and forthcoming plans.

 2014 will see your third consecutive Eurovision participation.How do you feel competing in Eurovision for the 3rd time? What has the Eurovision Song Contest contributed to your persona, career and music?

It ‘s amazing and wonderful, The Eurovision Song Contest has given me so much, I have grown as an artist and a human, and it has helped me to believe in myself and what I can convey to the public, it has stimulated me to go ahead and get to know other universes other than those that knew before.

What is your Eurovision entry Maybe about? How did you select this entry for Eurovision? What is message behind the song? What message would you like to send the European audience through your song?

Mauro Balestri read me well and this time this time with Ralph Siegel we wanted to celebrate another little bit of what I’m all about. ” Maybe”, in Italian “Forse” is a song that wants to open a door in the dense mesh of the certainties that we are constantly looking for. If the certainties give you a temporary feeling of tranquility, at the same time we are encased in a bubble as amorphous and tasteless as cosmic beings and we can not do anything but sit tight. Maybe is a breath of possibilities, maybe the idea we have of reality does not match with what really is reality. The moment we allow ourselves to reality … maybe the chance  of being something else, it may surprise us and make us fall in love. So … when you’re in love you understand it very well and with absolute certainty that we ourselves are something far beyond, with respect to our limited imagination … Maybe!

Why have you decided to sing in English this year rather than in Italian?

I want to be understood by everyone and I hope that the sound of my voice in English, although it is still a language I don’t speak well, will be liked.

San Marino came close to qualifying to the grand final last year, does this add more preasure on you this year?

A little, but not for me .. I love to sing no matter what.

Taking into account that San Marino has never qualified to the final. How important is it for the country to go to the final and how much would this mean to you and to your country if you were to qualify this year?

Definitely a lot, I wish I could do a nice live tour in Europe and beyond, and the outcome is very important for this. Fingers crossed!

This will be your 3rd Eurovision experience. What do you cherish the most from your past 2 experiences, namely in Baku and Malmo?

Baku: to return as a teenager at the age of 37 and the duet with Sevda in Azerbaijan tv .. Malmö: besides the love received from fans and the roar at the end of my performance, I remember fondly my concert with my musicians at Euroclub.

Tell us more about your collaboration with Mr. Ralph Siegel. How did it come about and about you forthcoming plans and work together?

I met Ralph in his studio in Munich, in front of the microphone and yes, maybe we will collaborate again, why not? We’ll see where this butterfly will fly

You have released a new album. Tell us more about the songs, their genre and how did you live this experience?

“Sensibilitá”, the title of my album is merit or defect of this state of mind and character of mine I can’t do without, and I’m very pround of it. There is everything, of my life, all music I breathed and sung since I started, from soul to funk, from bossanova to jazz, pop,  reggae. In short, a nice mix but with the same voice that changes color and interpretation just like my life. Many collaborations with artists of San Marino and abroad .

How are you planning to promote your Eurovision entry Maybe? Promo tour? Which countries are you going to?

For now after Amsterdam and Brighton, I stop in London. Then maybe I will go to Russia and Lisbon.

What is your ultimate goal as a singer and a musician? What are your targets and what would you like to achieve as an artist?

I would like to reach a peace and awareness that would amaze and astonish me indefinitely, To continue to be in love with music and be able to continue to live of it. Musical is my big dream.

Have you heard any of the competing entries at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest? Which are your favourites?

Hungary, UK, Albania, Greece, Israel ..

You will be competing in the 1st semi-final against some of the hot favourites to win the competition. Does this fact make the competition more exciting, tense or  nerve wrecking?Are you ready for the challenge?

I’m not tense, I’m ready now. I’m on my ease to answer your questions, but I know when I get there, just a few minutes before going on stage, my heart will beat like crazy, but I’ll think of my kite and that will help me a lot.

How will you staging your entry in Copenhagen? Could you reveal us some details regarding the staging, dress,choreography , backing vocalists etc


Valentina, this is the third consecutive time you are representing San Marino. There are only three other artists who have competed in the Eurovision in three consecutive contests and all of them are winners. They are Lys Assia, Corry Brokken and Udo Jürgens. How do you feel about joining this exclusive list of people?

Honored and incredulous!

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Thank youuuuuuuuu! Enjoy your life would like to thank Valentina Monetta, her management and SMRTV for this interview. We would like to wish Valentina and San Marino the best of luck for the forthcoming Eurovision Song Contest!

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