Ukraine: No promo tour for Verka Serduchka

by Aris kalimeris 92 views

This year, the Eurovision Song Contest will have something different on stage. Ukraine will be represented by Verka Serduchka. She has nothing in common with the transsexual artist Dana International who represented Israel nor with DQ who will represent Denmark in Helsinki with the song Drama Queen.
Verka Serduchka is the creation of Andriy Danylko who calls himself a comedian- singer.

Initially, Andriy's first attempt to enter the Eurovision song Contest as Verka was in 2005. Verka tried both Russia and Ukraine but never actually made it. "I've decided, I'll go to Eurovision representing Kazakhstan, let others win too," Verka exclaimed afterwards in one of her music videos. In 2006 another attempt to go to the Eurovision Song Contest via Poland fell through, as Renia Paczkowska decided to go with Ich Troje instead.

In a recent press conference Verka answered the severe critisism she received from some parts of the Ukrainian public who see her as the representative of the country and feel that she projects the wrong image. Verka saidthat she is already fed up with Eurovision. She made it clear that she is neither the president nor a symbol of the country abroad. All she wants is to present his unique expression of art and showEurope that Ukrainians are happy and fun.

As to the question of whether there are any political undertones in the lyrics of Dancing Lasha tumbay, the answer from the artist is "No!"; the song does not say "Russia goodbye" but "Lasha tumbay" which should be Mongolian according to the Verka. Verka's team reassures thatthe song is just about dancing, happiness and Ukraine being a cool country.

According to Verka's producer Yuriy Nikitin, there isno point for a promotional tour asthe artist ispopular in allex Soviet and Slavic countries. As for the rest of Europe where Verka is not well known, they have decided not to have one there either since the benefit from an extensive promo tour is under question.

The promotional video shoot for the contest entry will take place in the beginning of April, and it will be directed by Semyon Gorov.

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