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In a contest where as much thought goes into styling and stage show as vocal performance, choice of costume is paramount in creating the right impression, and the wrong choice can ruin the package: remember Spain's fashion faux pas in 1999? It seems that Malta are taking this element extremely seriously this year, as work continues secretly behind the scenes on Olivia Lewis' outfit for Helsinki.

Ditching the Fabrizio brown of 2006, reported today that the colours chosen for the 2007 outing are most probably a very Swedish blue and yellow. The dress itself will probably come from the Robert Cavalli collection, as did Olivia's dress in the Maltese final – this rumour is backed up by stories of Olivia and her camp entering the building of a "reknowned fashion stylist" this week. It was already confirmed that the dress will be of the same cut and style as the Maltasong frock.

In an unusual twist, it is also hinted that fans may have the final say on what the singer dons for her semifinal performance in Finland; the decision could be made by visitors to her website from a choice of two.

High fashion
Haute couture, while a good way to get noticed on stage, is not always key; wearing thousands of Euros' worth of expensive eveningwear was still not enough to push poor Kate Ryan through the semifinal in Athens last year; Olivia will be hoping that she gets her combination of performance, staging and styling just right to fulfill the dream on the night. The signs are good, as the Big Poll kicks off with her riding high in second position as fan fave for success.

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