Sweden: first bookmaker favourites

by Charlotte Jensen 924 views

All 42 songs for the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest are known and the first odds have now been published. According to betfair Sweden is the big favourite to win, but the odds shows quite a few surprises leaving a good possibility to win some money for those who dare to take a chance.

The Ark from Swedenare currently favourites to win the Eurovision Song Contest with odds of5.60 according to betfair. Theirclosest competitors are Serebro from Russia with 15.50 and Switzerland’s DJ BoBo with 17.

A lot have been said and written about Scooch winning the national final in the United Kingdom, but according to betfair it a good choice and the United Kingdom are in a tied third position with odds 17 for a victory in Helsinki.

The other three countries automatically qualified for the final as a so-called big4 country, Spain, Germany and France are all tipped for a placement in the middle. A French victory for the first time in 30 years pays back the money 40 times while Spain is a little bit higher with 42. The Eurovision Song Contest is not quite ready for swing music, according to betbrain.com, as odds for Germany and Roger Cicero is 75.

This year we have two drag queens in the contest: Denmark and Ukraine. Quite surprisingly then Ukraine is in 5th position to win with odds 18 while the 50 for Denmark’s Drama queen gives them a 19th position. But Denmark also has the hurdle that they first have to qualify through the semi-final. If DQ do manage that it will be interesting to see what happens with the odds as two drag acts in the final will be in the danger of cancelling each other out.

It is quite interesting to notice that four of the countries tipped as top10 are countries that have to go through the semi-final. Switzerland tipped third, Serbia in 6th position with odds 21 while odds 23 gives Cyprus an 8th position with Belarus following just after with odds 25.

13 countries left in the bottom with odds higher than 100. Among these 13 countries only two is qualified for the final, Lithuania with odds 110 and Armenia at 130. After Finland’s victory last year Portugal is now the country to have participated most times without ever winning and according to betfair it is not going to happen in 2007 either. With odds 160 they are tipped third from last.
The doubtful honour of being last will according to these odds go to Albania with odds 180.

The complete list of odds as published on 19th of March 2007 at 13:15:
Sweden 5.60
Russia 15.50
Switzerland 17
United Kingdom 17
Ukraine 18
Romania 20
Serbia 21
Cyprus 23
Belarus 25
Greece 26
Bulgaria 26
Ireland 36
Malta 40
France 40
Spain, 42
Israel 46
Iceland 50
Denmark 50
Turkey 50
Moldova 55
Norway 55
Andorra 60
Slovenia 65
Finland 65
Germany 75
Latvia 80
Estonia 85
Bosnia – Herzegovina 95
Georgia 95
Lithuania 110
Hungary 110
Poland 120
Croatia 120
FYR of Macedonia 120
Armenia 130
Belgium 140
Czech Republic 150
Netherlands 150
Portugal 160
Austria 160
Montenegro 170
Albania 180

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