Marija �erifović about her video and plans for the contest

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This year�s representative of Serbia at the Eurovision Song Contest Marija �erifović will start filming the video for her entry Molitva (Prayer) on Tuesday. This budget for the video is about 30 000 euros and it will be filmed on several locations in Belgrade and in Đerdap. Marija talked to Blic about the video, also about the reactions of her fans and colleagues regarding her recent victory at the Beovizija festival.

The video clip for Molitva will be shot in various locations in Serbia such as Derdap (a Danube canyon in east Serbia), Kalemegdan in Belgrade among others. Zli, the well known Serbian music video producer responsible, aim at creating a video clip that will showcase the beauties of Serbia and accentuate the song. The video is expected to cost approximately €30.000, a substantial sum for a Eurovision video clip. When asked by Blic, Marija said that she feels it would be bizarre for a country to let down their representative artist by not investing in a video clip that wil be watched by fans all over Europe. Marija wants Serbia to show the world that they can come up with something of very high quality.

Marija says she will do her best to represent her country in the best possible way. She feels her responsibility is even greater as she is actually the first ambassador of Serbia to the contestas an independent country. She feels she absolutely has to pass the semi final and give her best shot to be in the first three songs of the final. She counts on the large Serbian diaspora to stand by her in this diificult task.

Asked about her much discussed outfit, Marija said that she will wear clothes she feels comfortable in and will not attempt to look more feminine. “In the Beovizija semi final I was dressed in a skirt and had a special hairdo but that was not really me.” “ In Helsinki I just want to feel comfortable and be myself”, she concluded.

A special thanks to Mina Stancovic and Mladen Koprivica for their contribution to the article.

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