UK Exclusive: Scooch's first winner's interview

by Steve Holyer 63 views

The team caught up with Scooch backstage immediately after the Making Your Mind Up Final; the group talk about their song in the first video interview they granted after winning the ticket to Helsinki. The best news for fans is they told that the single for Flying the flag (for you) will be available, at least in the UK market, for legal purchase and download on iTunes from Monday. caught up with Scooch fresh from victory and a photoshoot where they were joined by three members of Bucks Fizz- the United Kingdom's Eurovision Song Contest winners from 1981. Now Scooch will have the opportunity to score a two-girl, two-boy hat trick after Brotherhood of Man pioneered the successful formula for the United Kingdom in 1976 – two year's after the Abba victory.

Scooch talk about how very surprised they were to actually win the competition, they talk about how bad the felt for Cyndi after the announcer Terry Wogan announced the wrong name and declared her the winner, and they talk about their song on iTunes. Clearly Scooch want to rally the fans behind them.

According to the what they said in the interview, Scooch was the only band in the MYMU final which is not signed to and backed by a record label – having split up six years ago. They also talk about going to Helsinki as an "independent" act.

Scooch came together in 1998 and scored four top 20 hits in the UK before they disbanded. However, they reformed this year with the goal of representing the UK at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2007. Tonight they were selected to do just that. The UK is directly qualified to the May 12 final and will perform 19th in the draw between Ukraine and Romania.

Scooch's winning performance:

The first Scooch interview after Making your mind up:

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