The voting running order revealed

by Benny Royston 436 views

The draw for the running order of the voting for the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest is now complete. The countries will deliver their votes in the order set out below. The draw for the voting order was straightforward with no wildcards. Footage of the draw is expected to be available on for viewers to watch the reactions. We will announce it as soon as it is available.

The voting order of the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest:

1 Montenegro
2 Belarus
3 Armenia
4 Andorra
5 Austria
6 France
7 Denmark
8 Greece
9 Spain
10 Serbia
11 Finland
12 Turkey
13 Bosnia-Herzegovina
14 Belgium
15 Portugal
16 Albania
17 Romania
18 Cyprus
19 Croatia
20 Slovenia
21 Israel
22 Germany
23 Lithuania
24 Norway
25 Switzerland
26 Czech Republic
27 The Netherlands
28 Ireland
29 Malta
30 Estonia
31 Georgia
32 Bulgaria
33 Sweden
34 Ukraine
35 Russia
36 Latvia
37 Iceland
38 Poland
39 Moldova
40 United Kingdom
41 F.Y.R Macedonia
42 Hungary

Of course, each country will award their votes in the usual way, from one to eight points, then ten, finally twelve points. The result of the semi final will be made public after the Eurovision Song Contest final on Saturday 12th May. Only the names of the top ten will be revealed at the end of the semi final, as has been the case since the introduction of the semi final in 2004.

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