Breaking News: Heads of Delegation meeting

by Steve Holyer 78 views

The Heads of Delegation are meeting now in Helsinki to discuss all aspects of this year's edition of the Eurvision Song Contest and to begin planning for next year. The high point of today's agenda is the running order draw which will take place live at 15:15 CET. The delegation heads also discussed tentative dates for next year's contest, and they have discussed making changes to the semi final format for 2008.

The Heads of Delegation are now being taken to an undisclosed location where the running order draw will take place. Playing with Finnish tradition the delegates will find a large sauna cabin on stage. During the draw the Heads of Delegation for the first five 'wildcard' positions in the Semi final will be invited into the sauna so that they may choose their start position. This format will be repeated with thethree 'wildcard' draws for the final. Presumably, no-one will turn the heat up on the delegation heads while they are sweatingthrough the draw in the sauna.

The draw will be broadcast live by YLE. An additional 14 countries will carry the draw live. Check your local broadcaster to find out if they are carrying the broadcast. A webcast will also be made.

According to sources, the Heads of Delegation have discussed making changes to the semi final format for 2008. The delegation heads have discussed the possibility of having two semi finals in 2008 in order to accomodate the rising number of participants in the contest. However at this time the discussion remains a discussion. No decision has been taken.

The Heads of Delegation also reviewed the dates for the 2008 edition ofthe Eurovision Song Contest. While not yet set in stone the contest is likely to take place during the week ending 24thMay. The 2008 Heads of Delegation meeting is tentatively scheduled for 17th-19th March next year.

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