The Dark Horse Mans Zelmerlof

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Mans Zelmerlof is considered to be a dark horse in saturdays Melodifestival. His song Cara Mia is very catchy and many around Sweden and Europe find him very handsome and being a former Pop Idol participant he has his fans waiting by the telephones. caught up with him to check how he is preparing for the big night.

Hello Måns how are you doing today?

Hi and thanks Im doing just fine working hard to get the last pieces together with my performance for saturday night.

You have some very nice dance moves during your performances, have you done them yourself?

Yes they are very hot. But it's Roine Carlsson who came up with the coreography so he has made me practice a lot to make be as good as it is.

Did you like the song when you heard it the first time?

Yes I really did, it's a fantastic song with a nice Eurovision beat to it. And Im very proud of getting the chance to do this in Melodifestivalen and so far it has gone very well don't you think?

You are considered to be an outsider on Saturday, how do you feel about that?

I feel really good about this since I would be so happy if I won Melodifestivalen and got to represent Sweden at the Eurovision Song Contest. I think that it is always better not to be the favourite and be the one that no one really thought could win and how fun would that be if I won over the big favourites The Ark.

What is the main difference between your song and Sebastians song?

Well first my song is much better than Sebastians and I have better moves on stage hahahaha. No I really like Sebastians song and he is so sexy and he has a new outfit for saturday and that will give him some extra points I would say. Sebastian is more Rock than me if I put it very short.

Are you nervous about singing in front of 15000 people in Globen?

No not really I have had a lot of practising by participating in Pop Idol as well as having a lead roll in the musical Grease during the last year so I will just go in and have so much fun and give you the performance of my life.

We at wish you the best of luck and hope you will enjoy yourself.

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