Marija Serifovic with Molitva to Helsinki!

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Tonight Serbia chooses its first Eurovision Song Contest participant as an independent country. The winner will be one of the ten finalists that qualified from last night�s semi-final. The show Beovizija is broadcast live and the winner will be decided by 50% jury and 50% televote.

Broadcast and webcast info:

The show will be broadcast live from 21:00 CET on RTS1, RTS Sat and via internet.
You can find the satellite info here.
You can watch the show online here (real player required)

The running order:

1. Peca Jovanović – Kao da je bilo juče
2. Miki Perić – Jablan
3. Negativ – Prava stvar
4. Betty Boop – Sama
5. Slobodan Trkulja i Balkanopolis – Nebo
6. Marija Šerifović – Molitva
7. Maja Marković – Nije nam se dalo
8. Blizanci – Mambo Jambo Serbiano
9. Ivana Jordan – Bomba
10. Aleksa Jelić – Beli grad

Voting process:
The winner will be decided by 50% jury and 50% televote. One sms vote per mobile number is allowed. Both jury and sms votes will be awarded in Eurovision style from 1-12 (without 9 and 11). Should there be a draw for the first place, the act that got more points from the jury will go through.

Live coverage:

Beovizija kicks off with our hosts Slobodan and Jelena perform last year's Eurovision Song Contest winning song "Hard Rock Halleluyah".
The jury for tonight are Bebi Dol, Zafir Hadzimanov and Sandra Susa.

1.Peca Jovanović – Kao da je bilo juče
Peca is first to perform. This is a very sad, nostalgic ballad inspired by the sounds of Skaradlija, Belgrade’s bohemian quarter. Peca is accompanied on the stage by the composer of the song Sasa Dragic himself, as well as several dancers. The whole act has a “we are just about to close the bar” atmosphere, with a girl dancing on the table and several people that look as thought they had a few drinks too many.

2. Miki Perić – Jablan
Miki is next. Another male ballad which sounds a bit old-fashioned – Boris Novkovic’s “Vukovi Umiru Sami” springs to mind. Miki is wearing a black suit, four female dancers are in white. Vocally, Miki does a decent performance. Warm applause in the hall!

Our hostess Jelena now performs the turkish winning entry Everyway that I can by Sertab Erener.

3. Negativ – Prava Stvar
Ivana is wearing a black mini skirt (maybe a tiny bit too short). She really seemsto be enjoying herself on stage. Though the whole act looks a bit chaotic on stage, with 5 male band members doing a typical rock moves and Ivana trying the same, vocally this sounds very good. Some technical problems with the sound at the end. Loud applause from the audience.

4.Betty Boop – Sama
Teenage girls with guitars are next to perform. This is loud, and one cannot make up his mind – is this singing or screaming? Would have been a perfect entry for Junior Eurovision Song Contest.

Jelena now does Helena, she performs the Greek winning entry My numberone by Helena Paparizou.

5. Slobodan Trkulja and Balkanopolis-Nebo
This is fascinating, touching and scary at the same time. Slobodan hits every note of this demanding ethno song perfectly. Medieval instruments and the great staging makes this looks impressive! Loud applause from the hall!

6.Marija Šerifović – Molitva
This had a winner written all over it! Marija gave an impressive performance both vocally and visually. She looked much more confident on the stage then last night. Standing ovation from the audience!

and now Jelena performs Ruslana's Wild dancers, five more songs to go.

6.Maja Markovic – Nije nam se dalo
Maja gives a very nice performance of this romantic ballad. She wears a sexy black almost see-through gown and has very large butterflies in her hair. Vocally it was very good, visually it resembled Anna Vissi’s performance at the Greek National Final last year with Maja fallng to her knees.

8. Blizanci – Mambo Jumbo Serbiano
This both looked and sounded better than last night. Blizanci gave a confident performance of their comedy act which seems to be inspired by action heros such as Superman, Bruce Lee and Serbian folk motifs (sljivovica, Serbian circle dance, the famous ''kolo''). It received mixed reactions from the audience: loud applause but also some booing.

Slobodan is now doing Sakis' "Shake it". We will be very disappointed if this goes without the back flip.

9. Ivana Jordan – Bomba
Serbian Marilyn Monroe strongly reminds us of Diamonds are a girl's best friend act. Nice choreography but Ivana seemed to be struggling at parts. Song catchy enough though and the styling of Ivana and her tuxedo clad dancers was excellent.

10. Aleksa Jelic – Beli Grad
This performance reminded us of Bosnian 2004 participant, Deen. Aleksa, a former ballet dancers, together with five female dancers, gives an over-choreographed stage act. Mixed reactions from the audience. This also looked better then the night before.

And the voting has started. Voters should send BV xx ( xx the number of the song) to 1201.

While we are waiting for the results, several awards will be handed over, also some of this year's participants will perform.S asa Kovacevic, now receives 'the best newcomer of the year' award.
Bilja Krstic and Bistrik, are now performing a traditional ethno song from South Serbia "Turcin Janja". Rock veteran Bajaga receives an award for 'the best concert of the year" and performs one of his latest singles 'Opijum".
Marina Tucakovic receives the award for 'the best lyrics writer of the year'. The band Zana will perform the song "Nije sve tako crno'' lyrics by Marina Tucakovic.
Several other awards have been handed over including the award for the best female singer – Aleksandra Radovic, and award for the best male singer – Sergej Cetkovic. Van Gogh received the award for best rock group.

And enter this year's Slovenian representative in Helsinki Alenka Gotar. In a true opera diva black toulle evening gown she performs Cvet z juga. Alenka is followed by the representative of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Marija Sestic whose first appearance in a another country's national final is warmly applauded throughout her performance of Rijeka bez imena. And now it's time for the Croatian representative, Dado Topic and Dragonfly are performing Vjerujem u ljubav.
Now it's the turn of karolina Goceva from FYR Macedonia who performs Mojot svet. The Montenegrin participant is now on stage, Stevan Faddy to perform Ajde kroci, there are mixed reactions from the audience, some applause but some booing as well.
More awards just before results are announced. Awards for "Jablan" (best lyrics), Slobodan Trkulja (vocal performance), Suzana Dinic (best newcomer), "Kao da je bilo juce" (best arrangements), Ivana Jordan (best choreography), OGAE Serbia award for Slobodan Trkulja and "Nebo".

And the winner of the televote is Marija Serifovic with 12 points followed by Slobodan Turkiljia with 10. Jury vote now. And the winner is ….. Marija Serifovic with Molitva!!!

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