Croatia: Dragonfly to Helsinki

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On Thursday and Friday, the two semi finals of DORA, the Croatian selection for the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest, were held. Sixteen songs have made it to the final and these will compete tonight at 20.50 CET. Croatia was one of the most succesful countries in the contest in the late 1990s but has not reached the top 10 of a final round since 2001. Maybe they will have better luck this time?

Satellite information

HRT: Hotbird 6 (13.0E) – 12520.00 V / 27500 3/4

Final running order:

  1. Lana Klingor- Gravitacija
  2. Marko Tolja- Deja vu
  3. The Sick Swing Orchestra- Šlager pjevač
  4. Kemal Monteno- Poljubi me
  5. Feminnem- Navika
  6. Giuliano- Pismom te ljubi milijun mandolina
  7. Livio Morosin i Miroslav Evačić- Volim ja
  8. Anja Šovagović & Galiano Pahor- Teatar
  9. Luka Ni�etić- Pusti me u san
  10. Tina Vukov- Tata
  11. Jelena Rozga- Nemam
  12. Trio Fantasticus- Nema šanse šećeru
  13. Kraljevi ulice- Pjesma za novčić
  14. Dragonfly feat. Dado Topić- Vjerujem u ljubav
  15. Danijela Pintarić- Moj svijet
  16. Klapa Maslina- Gitara i čaša vina

LIVE COVERAGE by Laura Gudim

The show starts with last year's Croatian representative Severina with Moja Stikla. A new look for Seve,a new haircut and a black dress below the knee with silver accesories.

Lana Klingor- Gravitacija
Lana goes first now. She performs just like in the semi, a good performance of this jazzy tune. And a little change on stage as she takes her hat off and lets her hair down.

Marko Tolja- Deja vu
Marko does actually better than the semi, he gets the final high note just right. A jazzy tune and Marko in his formal suit.

The Sick Swing Orchestra- Slager pjevac
Mature performers song very well performed

Kemal Monteno- Poljubi me
Once more Kamal delivers.

Feminnem- Navika
Dressed the same as in the semi, Feminnem are next. They go off key at parts

Giuliano- Pismom te ljubi milijun mandolina
Giuliano now, in his black and white outfit, he sings his pop rock song in the dalmatian dialect.

Livio Morosin i Miroslav Evacic- Volim ja
Same performance as in semi, song not really catchy enough

Anja Sovagovic & Galiano Pahor- Teatar
Anja and Galiano, go next. Anja misses a couple of notes, maybe because although she is an experienced actress she has not had much singing experience.

Luka Nizetic- Pusti me u san
Luka does very well in general. He is accompanied by 2 female dancers and 3 backing singers. This is a sad song with sentimental lyrics.Luka actually sings better tonight than in the semi.even better, dressed in smart black suit and grey tie. Small in stature but gets passion of lyric across very well.He kisses the dancer in the end!

Tina Vukov- Tata
Young Tina performs her sad slow ballad about Daddy very well in her strong voice. She is dressed all in black with big golden boots ( bigger than herreys). A good vocal performance by this 18 year old singer.

Jelena Rozga- Nemam
Story time now. Jelena and the Wizard complete with Snowhite backing singer and Peter Pan dancer. A couple of notes missed here and there, must be the nerves.

Trio Fantasticus- Nema sanse seceru
Opera time now. Same funny performance as in semi for the Fantastic Trio, same great performance by the opera singer.

Kraljevi ulice- Pjesma za novcic
An inspired performance.One more soprano on stage, Sandra Bagarić compliments the song. Lyrics are jolly and pleasant.

Dragonfly feat. Dado Topic- Vjerujem u ljubav
Female singer in black trouser suit and red tie. Permormance same as in semi

Danijela Pintaric- Moj svijet
Danijela Pintarić now in long black dress, bit nervous it seems, not as good as in the semi, but well received

Klapa Maslina- Gitara i casa vina
5 mature singers in traditional costumes, singing Croatian folkish style. And that concludes the performaces of the evening. Time to vote soon.

Novi Fosili are performing now, I Wanna Dance among other others.

Novi Fosili are performing now, I Wanna Dance among other others.

Time for the results now…..

And the winner is Dragonfly feat. Dado Topic- Vjerujem u ljubav winning over Kraljevi ulice with a single point.

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