Second Dora semi final over

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Tonight at 20.10 CET, on Croatian national broadcaster HRT's Channel 1, the second of two semi-finals of this year's Croatian Eurovision Song Contest pre-selection, Dora will begin. The voting will be 50% jury and 50% televoting, and votes will be announced at the end of the show. Vanna, the 2001 Croatian representative, will perform as interval act. The numbers for televoting can be seen after each song.

Dora 2007 will be hosted by Duško Ćurlić and Mirko Fodor, who will be accompanied by Iva Šulentić, Barbara Štrbac, Iva Jerković and Nikolina Pišek. Sixteen acts are competing in all tonight and eight of them will be selected to proceed to the final.

The songs in tonight's show are as follows:.

1.Barbara Munjas- Ti si tu 061 65 01
2. Raspashow- Bio bih samo njen 061 65 02
3. �anamari- Jedino moje 061 65 03
4. Kemal Monteno- Poljubi me 061 65 04
5. Livio Morosin i Miroslav Evačić-Volim ja 061 65 05
6. Antonija Šola-Neka bude zauvijek 061 65 06
7. Ness-Ti si moj 061 65 07
8. Trio Fantasticus-Nema šanse šećeru 061 65 08
9. Valentina Bralo- Ljubavna priča 061 65 09
10.Danijela Pintaric- Moj svijet 061 65 10
11. Sabrina-Tra�it ću te 061 65 11
12. Jelena Rozga-Nemam 061 65 12
13. Brentini-Što je to ljudima 061 65 13
14. Tina Vukov- Tata 061 65 14
15. The Sick Swing Orchestra- Šlager pjevač 061 65 15
16. Anja Šovagović & Galiano Pahor-Teatar 061 65 16

Danijela Pinaric has replaced Siniša Vuco who was disqualified.

Due to Severina's 13th placing at Eurovision 2006 in Athens, the winner of Dora will have to take part in the Eurovision Song Contest semi final in Helsinki on 10th May.


Barbara Munjas- Ti si tu
And the show starts Barbara Munjas, alocal singer from Opatija, she is very young dressed in an impressive black dress with multi colored sequins. She sings a schlager song accompanied by 3 female backing singers and one male. She is slighlty off key.

Raspashow- Bio bih samo njen
Rasapashow on now, four young men in the band sing a pop rock piece.This is quite a catchy one.

�anamari- Jedino moje
Enter Zanamari and the first ballad of the evening. Not a very catchy one unfortunately.

Kemal Monteno- Poljubi me
A folk song now by kemal. He is an established older singer successful since the 70's. Good vocal skills and the song is a Croatian traditional one. Good strong performance.

Livio Morosin and Miroslav Evačić-Volim ja
Another folk song now, typically Istrian but not very catchy. There are 4 singers on stage, three of them in hats and a bongo.

Antonija Šola-Neka bude zauvijek
Antonija starts on the wrong foot, slightly off key from the beginning.She looks impressive though in a red mini dress, high black boots , belt and tiara.

Ness-Ti si moj
A house/disco song now by Ness. There is a little bit of English in the song. Singer and dancer in bright red trouser suit. Singer seems to be struggling with the tune.

Trio Fantasticus-Nema šanse šećeru
A funny, highly entertaining opera act by the trio who are all but one dressed in black. The last one is wearing knee lenght shorts.Good vocal performance.

Valentina Bralo- Ljubavna priča
Another local singer now, and a very young one too still goes to school. VAlentina wrote this slow love song herself on the beach. Accompanied by two backing singers and dancers also in white.

Danijela Pintaric – Moj svijet
Danjela, the last minute replacement, sings her very slow ballad in a good strong voice. She performs the difficult song in perfection without missing a note. Impressive!

Sabrina-Tra�it ću te
Another ballad follows suit. Sabrina is young and she is wearing a red Knee-length dress. She is accompanied by 3 backing singers in black.

Jelena Rozga-Nemam
And the third ballad in a row by one of tonight's favorites. Jelena in a baby blue dress sings her slow sad ballad. There are fairy tale characters in the background. The backing singer is dressed as Snowhite.

Brentini-Što je to ljudima
And yet another ballad, a pop one this time by this young singer. He is accompanied by 5 backing singers and he delivers a good performance.

Tina Vukov- Tata
Enters Tina now, dressed in full length leather black trouser suit, sits on a stool and sings a sad moving song called Tata (Dad) about a young girl whose parents' marriage has broken up. She delivers a good performance, hitting evry single note perfectly.

The Sick Swing Orchestra- Šlager pjevač
A change of style and pace now with a jazz tune by a band of six in top hats and a huge guitar.

Anja Šovagović & Galiano Pahor-Teatar
The show closes with lounge music style now, reminiscent of the 50's with lots of drums. Both singers in black. Anja is an actress and the song is appropriately called Teater (Theatre)

Show is over and Vanna will be on in a minute.

And the qualifiers are:

Danijela Pintarić-Moj svijet 13+16=29
Tina Vukov-Tata 15+14=29
Kemal Monteno-Poljubi me 11+10=21
Livio Morosin i Miroslav Evačić-Volim ja 16+7=23
Jelena Rozga-Nemam 14+13=27
The Sick Swing Orchestra-Šlager pjevač 13+11=24
Trio Fantasticus-Nema šanse, šećeru 8+15=23
Anja Šovagović & Galiano Pahor-Teatar 11+8=19

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