The DJ BoBo video interview

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An internationally successful DJ and the maker of countless hits in countless countries, DJ BoBo has achieved success from the United Kingdom to Japan and many places in between. This year, he spoke out for Switzerland declaring that the country should be represented by Swiss singers at the Eurovision Song Contest. His desire came true, and he's taken on the job himself. As he kicks off his promotional tour in Greece with the debut performance of the song in the Greek national final, DJ BoBo spoke to

In a special message to readers, DJ BoBo addresses some of the comments that readers have left in the reactions section. He is the latest Eurovision fan to declare that he reads the website daily. Find out why he chose to enter the Eurovision Song Contest and why it is so important for him to represent Switzerland.

DJ BoBo is a long time fan of the Eurovision Song Contest, and speaks about the voting system and discusses the political voting. Find out his thoughts on the changes in the contest over time and whether he wants the event to change further. Find out about plans for the show in Helsinki and much much more.

The DJ BoBo Interview: Part One

The DJ BoBo Interview: Part Two

The promotional video of Vampires are alive

Exclusive DJ BoBo competition
DJ Bobo has signed three copies of the unreleased CD Single of Vampires are alive for the readers of to win. For your chance to win a signed CD, simply answer the three following questions and send your answers together with your name, mailing address and membership number to [email protected].

  1. What's DJ BoBo's real name?
  2. When did DJ BoBo release his hit Chihuahua?
  3. How many times has Switzerland participated in the Eurovision Song Contest?

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