DQ answers questions from our readers

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Last week we offered our readers the chance to submit questions for DQ, the Danish participant for the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest. 14 questions were selected and below you can read DQ's answers. We recieved many great questions; the rest will be used for another interview as we get closer to the contest in May.

Here are DQ's answers to the first 14 questions submitted by readers:

From Vincent Rutjes, The Netherlands / Adrian Collins, United Kingdom:

Where can one buy that large disco crown you had on stage for the Danish final and will you be bringing it to Helsinki?

It can’t be bought. A company in Esbjerg, Denmark made it; we decorated it ourselves and added the disco ball. We don’t know yet if we will use it for Helsinki.

From Ramon Ramos, Spain:
Is the role as DQ one you played before or is it only for Eurovision?

DQ is a name invented for the Dansk Melodi Grand Prix so I wasn’t just called Peter Andersen and then performed in a dress! When I do my drag shows I am normally called Turner Peter (Peter is the lead singer in a Tina Turner copy band), but there isn’t much “Turner” about this so we had to come up with something else.

Bryan Manley, United Kingdom:
Do you have any plans to change the stage performance for Helsinki and maybe even use male dancers, which personally I think makes more sense?

Yes. I have lots of plans, but I don’t know yet how it will turn out.

Barbara Smith, United Kingdom:
Who is your favourite among all previous winners of the Eurovision Song Contest and why?

This was a tough question, DQ went blank, but then mentioned a list of 10 winners he all loved:
Nicole 1982, Herreys 1984, Bobbysocks 1985, Carola 1991, Linda Martin 1992, Charlotte Nilsson 1999, Olsen Brothers 2000, Sertab Erener 2003, Ruslana 2004and Helena 2005

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