Misión Eurovisión: Spain decides Nash

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The grand final of Misión Eurovisión, the Spanish Eurovision Song Contest preselection, was held tonight. Five candidates each sang five entries yielding 25 combinations of song and singer in one of the most outstanding national finals. The top five performances selected from the 25 combinations competed in a super final. Finally the boy group Nash was selected to bring the song I love you mi vida to Helsinki.

Spain has selected Nash to perform I love you mi vida in Helsinki.

Nash was selected in the Misión Eurovisión "super final" from:
Busco una chica
interpreted by Nash
Busco una Hombre interpreted by Nazaret
I love you mi vida interpreted by Nash
La Reina del la nocha interpreted by Mirela
Tu voz se apagara interpreted by Nazaret

LIVE COVERAGE (completed)

The Spanish mission tonight is: select one song entry from five finalists and also one singer or group from five finalists. Each segment of the show features each of the candidates interpreting one of the songs. Short recaps of each of the Spanish Eurovision Song Contest entries are shown between song segments. This promises to make for a long but very entertaining show.

The Spanish don't really get going until long after the late winter sun sets. With the late dinner hour just wrapping up, the final installment of the impressive Misión Eurovisión begins at 22.30 CET.

Unfortunately, esctoday.com joins the programme in progress on the sixth performance due to unforeseen technical difficulties.

I love you mi vida
The second segment of the show features the song I love you mi vida. First out to give her interpretation is Nazaret wearing black with gold spangles. The performance is straight-forward.

Next Mirela lends a strong Spanish flavor to her interpretation of this song. She's followed by the hunky boy band Nash whose own interpretation, not surprisingly, leans in the direction of popular boybands like N*Sync or Westlife. Nash injects a lot of power into the performance that was perhaps missing from the other acts.

Merche Llobero takes the stage and she performs dance moves sometimes under and sometimes over a large sheet. She's wearing a fun looking summery black shorts-set with white accessories. Unfortunately, the fun take-charge costume doesn't help her to appear confident on this interpretation.

Yonira Figueroa is the last performer for this segment. Her dance and vocal interpretation adds a little bit of a flamenco feel to this song which otherwise might be what DJ Bobo of Switzerland was looking for when he apparently told the tabloid press that his song would have a Balkan beat and flavor.

La reina de la noche
begins the next segment singing "SHE'S the queen of the night". Mirela is next wearing a very stunning costume done up in the carnival colors of purple and gold;in fact her dancers are wearing masks giving the impression of a sexy court of Venice during carnival. All the girls sing "I'm the queen of the night."

Yonida Figueroa begins her interpretation and the composers Thomas G:Son and his partner (who are in the audience) look a bit confused by something, It's Yonida's turn to appear a bit unconfidant but she shines vocally on this one.

Merche Llobera is next and she's confident on this song, her voice is good and she looks good in her spangle-laden club wear. Her dancers give her a hat and glasses so she's able to look the part of Audrey Hepburn on holiday in Rome.

Nazaret is wearing a long black gown with a long sexy slit up the leg; she also has a Mayan inspired head dress. The dancers are dancing under those bed canopies you can buy from Ikea. She puts a lot of power and energy into the song and really nails it despite having a very heavy accent on the English portion. The composers are clearly impressed by her.

Throughout this segment one can hear booing in the audience – a terrible trend being carried over from the last contest in Athens.

Tu voz se apagara
Mirela starts out and she is extremely confidant nailing this song. The stage show, not to mention the singer, is sexy. She's wearing a blue dress with white leggings, and shirtless boys are dancing with polls and sheets. The complicated dance is more than somewhat Invincible-inspired. And yes, she has a wind machine too (which the camera pans across – and did you realize wind machine is only a fancy technical word for "big fan" just like you might find in the fitness center). Merche Llobera is suffering from some pitch problems on this one – as all the singers have at different points in the night. Despite this her straight forward performance is sung with energy.

Nash is next and like all their other performance this one is pretty straight forward for a boyband. However, this time their t-shirt and hoody costumes are lighter. Again they perform the song well, and they break down into a little half-rap which fits the song. Nazaret's interpretation is probably the same tempo as the others, but it seems slower. She looks stunning in a headdress, and she's dancing with a live snake. This might not be the best symbol for her however as the entire dance routine seems to invoke Cleopatra who's fate at the fangs of a snake was not nearly as desirable as winning 12 points.

Yonira Figueroa is working a belly dancing and shirtless boys motif though her style reaches a little bit towards Bollywood instead of Egypt. Her voice is extremely well-suited to this song. She nails the vocal part of the performance.

Una lagrima
Merche Llobera
turns in a straight-forward and competently sung interpretation of this song, but Nazaret copmletely owns this song. Her performance reminds one very much of Anna Vissi's last one. How one interprets that remark depends very much on how one liked Anna Vissi's last performance.

Nash performs this one dressed in beige outfits that look vaguely like they belong to soldiers. They are also blindfolded with black blindfolds that have names or phrases written on them in white. In addition they borrow Armenia's signature dance move from Athens last year. I take it that this act should remind one of guerilla warfare or illegal prisons. And sure enough there's an element of protest here; at the song's end the boys open their jackets to reveal the word PAZ (peace) stenciled on their t-shirts.

Yonida Figueroa is beautifully dressed and well sung; Mirela is more casually but equally beautifully dressed and sung.

After a commercial break, all of the singers repeat their performances on La reina de la nocha. This is apparently due to sound and voice problems on the first performances. (The song was not already selected by voters as it might have appeared to non-Spanish speaking viewers.)

All the repeat performances are the same as the original except for Nazaret's. Her performance is essentially the same as well, but she absolutely shines on the performance this time. She appears so relaxed and confident with the song nailing every note. She also totally flirts with the home audience through the camera.

A short recap of every performance is shown … and the voting to select the five best combinations for the super final continues.

The song/contestant combinations have been announced:
Busco una chica interpreted by Nash
Busco una Hombre interpreted by Nazaret
I love you mi vida interpreted by Nash
La Reina del la nocha interpreted by Mirela
Tu voz se apagara interpreted by Nazaret

And now the SUPER FINAL begins.

Busco una chica interpreted by Nash
These boys are hot. While the rest of their performances tonight are pretty straight forward "boyband", they offer a little more here. They sing "Looking for a GIRL" in a school setting reminding everyone of Daz Sampson – with lots more sex appeal. On the chorus they each hold up a picture of the girl they are looking for – and each of them is looking for one of the other girls competing tonight. Nice.

Busco una Hombre interpreted by Nazaret
There is a reason this act made the super final. It's just really good. Nazaret sells the song. Her and her dancers are dressed in very short silver dresses. If they are channeling anyone it's Gina G. Oh ah they are just a little bit.

I love you mi vida interpreted by Nash
This is a competent performance, but it doesn't stand out compared to their last performance, and it's truly an N*Sync act.

La Reina del la nocha interpreted by Mirela
Mirela's act, as already mentioned, is good. She sings the song well, and this song could be one of Spain's more successful entries in years. She was also saving her energy tonight for that one key change. She completely sells the song on this run through it.

Tu voz se apagara interpreted by Nazaret
Nazaret and her snake are back on stage. While she might have a few pitch problems at the beginning of the song, she does put all her energy into it. Unfortunately she can't top her second performance of I Love you mi vida.

The voting of the best total package is open, and it promises to be a hard choice.

Good luck to all the contestants in Spain. As one hoped, there's not a bad song in the super final. It's now up to the televoters decide which one to send to Helsinki.

As the votes from the various televoting regions of Spain are announced Mirela and Nash chase each other up and down the leader board with Nazaret trailing closely behind. The announcements are truly nerve-wracking as from moment to moment the winner is either Nash or Mirela except when they are tied.

Finally Nash pulls ahead with I love you mi vida.

And now we know, with a small but significant lead, Nash will perform I love you mi vida in Helsinki.

The live coverage is complete, but keep reading esctoday.com for more Misión Eurovisión coverage from the esctoday.com team in Spain.

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