Reaction to the Swiss Vampires

by Steve Holyer 99 views

Last night Rene Baumann, better known as DJ BoBo, introduced Switzerland's Eurovision Song Contest entry at the transportation museum in Lucerne Switzerland. The song is a dance track called Vampires are alive (as reported earlier by The 20 Minuten, a Swiss commuter newspaper, thinks the song is an “absolute earworm” and believes it stands a very good chance of winning in Helsinki. Other reactions to the song have been mixed.

DJ BoBo premiered the video of his new song during a press conference at the IMAX theatre at the transport museum. The 20 Minuten was impressed by the video premiere comparing BoBo's video to Michael Jackson's Thriller. Many reviewers at the press conference also compared BoBo's vampire-act to last year's winning monster-act, and they think the comparison will be good for Switzerland.

However, our own reader reactions are mixed. This was quickly noticed by the Swiss press. On Friday several Swiss papers – including the St. Gallen region Tagblatt – carried comments from readers. We received over 260 reactions regarding Vampires are alive in a previous article, and the Swiss press summed up the mixed reactions with two quotes from our reactions section: "A typical DJ BoBo Song, that could really impress thanks to a good stage show" versus "Unoriginal, since it's cribbed off the Finnish."

Meanwhile, the 20 Minuten contacted the music directors of popular radio stations for comments. Ronny Nenniger from Radio Energy Zurich said he believes "The song has a good chance…"

Yves Brandenberger from Radio 105 believes BoBo's act will be good family entertainment that will appeal to younger viewers. He is confident that, "DJ BoBo will certainly offer a big show with lots of dancers that will stick in the voters' mind."

As far as team BoBo's winning strategy goes, the 39 year-old DJ told the press yesterday that he expects his song to appeal to eastern European voters. He said. "I''m counting on winning a lot of support from that region." The 20 Minuten believes that's it's time for a Swiss musician to clean up at the Eurovision Song Contest again after Gunvor (who earned null points in 1998), Swiss favourite Francine Jordi (who placed third from last in 2002) and Piero Esteriore (who earned null points in the first semi-final in 2004). Thanks to the 16th place finish by the multinational group six4one DJ Bobo must first compete this year in the Helsinki semi final. Switzerland's best recent result was earned in 2005 by the Estonian girl-band Vanilla Ninja; they placed 8th.

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