Tonight: F.Y.R. Macedonia decides for Helsinki

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Since the semi final was introduced in 2004, F.Y.R. Macedonia's Euovision Song Contest story seems like a roller coaster: Every year, they reached the top10 in the qualifier round but failed to qualify for the next edition in the final round. Nevertheless, in 2006 the best result so far came: Elena Risteska finished 12th in the final with Ninanajna. Still, a 12th place means entering the semi final once again in Helsinki. Whoever will enter the competition for F.Y.R. Macedonia will be decided tonight during their national final.

The show

Milanka Rasic, the former Head of Delegation and commentator, was given the honor to hosttonight's show along with Zivkica Gurcinovska, and Igor Dzambazov. Special guest stars in the interval act will be Boris Novković (Croatia 2005 – 11th with Vukovi umiru sami – and 2006 – 12th/13th as a composer with Moja Stikla), Dmitry Koldun, who will represent Belarus in 2007 with Work your magic, and Elena Risteska. Performers from six ballet studios will join them on the stage.

For the first time there will be regional televoting. The votes will be collected in 11 regional centers which will be called in the Macedonian alphabetical order: Bitola, Veles, Gostivar, Kočani, Kumanovo, Ohrid, Prilep, Skopje, Strumica, Tetovo and Štip.The viewers can vote via fix phones only – to enable the regional voting – during a 10 minutes lasting voting period.

Webcast / Satellite information

A webcast will probably be provided here.

MKTV: Hotbird 1 – 11534.00 V / 27500 3/4
MKTV: Eutelsat W5 – 11304.00 H / 27500 3/4

The songs

  1. Maja Sazdanovska & Jovan Jovanov – 1, 2, 3
  2. Elena Petreska – Peam
  3. Maja Grozdanovska Panceva – Kavijar i svila
  4. Marijan Stojanovski – Ako te rasplacat
  5. Dejana Nikolovska – Nebo
  6. Andrijana Janevska – Epizoda
  7. Vasil Gavranliev- Pomogni mi
  8. Gjorgi Krstevski – Letni dozdovi
  9. Lambe Alabanovski – Belo e se
  10. Biba Dodeva – Cuvaj me
  11. Ivana Andonovska – Odi si
  12. Karolina Goceva – Mojot svet
  13. Super Nova – Potseti me
  14. Tamara Todevska – Kazi koj si ti
  15. Sanja Levkova – Otrov i lek

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