Exclusive: The Evridiki Interview

by Benny Royston 53 views

One of Evridiki's childhood dreams was to participate in the Eurovision Song Contest. Her dream came true…many times! Was it the universe which conspired so that her dream could come true? For sure Evridiki has a strong will to realize her dreams. For sure she deserves it. But now enjoy her interview about her passion, our common passion…The Eurovision Song Contest!

Three times, you have been a backing vocalist, and this will be the three times a lead performer, is this a risk or passion?
“I would say passion. Passion for music, passion for singing, and passion for the stage � There is no risk in singing when you do what you love. There is risk when you are afraid, when you feel insecure. I am neither afraid, nor feeling insecure, because I just do what I love and I have the luxury to do it the way I would like to, with first priority to have fun”.

What is the Eurovision Song Contest for you?
“It began like a childhood dream, to participate in this contest, and it came true many times. It was my first professional contact with singing, the stage, the lights, the cameras when in 1983, still a high school student, I participated as a back vocalist. It was then that I made up my mind that this was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. So, the Eurovision Song Contest played a defining role to my decisions and plans for my life and career”.

What is your favourite entry ever, both Cypriot and international?
“From the Cypriot entries I prefer 'Eimai anthropos ki ego' (don�t get me wrong for choosing one of my songs, but it is indeed my favourite), and of course 'Waterloo' by Abba, and 'What�s another year' by Johnny Logan”.

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