Exclusive: See a national final behind the scenes

by Benny Royston 59 views

As part of our mission to bring readers as close as possible to the Eurovision Song Contest, the producers of the national final in Iceland, Base Camp Productions, granted esctoday.com full access to all areas during the show on Saturday night. In the special esctoday.com video below, we show the mood in the Green Room as the tension mounts, we capture on film some of the stars of the night releaving the tension, what really happens behind the cameras and much more.

Catch Jonsi larking about in the Green Room, see Silvia Night in a good mood, and see for yourselves that it's not just the television viewers that try to register as many votes as possible whilst the voting lines are open! Esctoday.com cameras catch all the action, we see the stars running up their own phone bills and much more.

See the tension behind the curtains as the performers await the result and catch the first reaction of Eiríkur Hauksson as he realises that the north-western most corner of Europe decides to sendback to the Eurovision Song Contest for a second time.

Coming up later today, we have an exclusive video interview with your 2006 Song of the Year winner, Mihai Traistariu including some exclusive footage of his performance of the new single at the Icelandic national final afterparty.

We will also be bringing you exclusive video footage of the party, which has to be a contender for Eurovision party of the year, complete with performances of the Iceland 2007 Eurovision Song Contest entry… in English. We will also be showing more footage of Mihai's afterparty performance and we catch the host of the party, Icelandic legend Paul Oscar, in with a rare performance of his 1997 Eurovision Song Contest legendry entry, Minn hinsti dans.

Stay tuned to esctoday.com for the best coverage of the National Finals across Europe.


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