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TVE aired tonight the show prior to the Grand Final of Misión Eurovisión, to be held next Saturday in Madrid. Tonight's Gala presented the 5 competing songs that will fight to win the passport to Helsinki. In addition to these 5 performances, the Spanish audience has had the pleasure of watching the eurostar Carola and 5 of the contestants at the forthcoming Eurovision Song Contest. Also, the question of who will be the Spanish commentator has been answered: Beatriz Pécker remains.

In this 6th heat of Misión Eurovisión, no decision about the finalist songs and singers was taken. But tonight's show was very important because viewers across Spain and everyone receiving TVE International via satellite had the chanceto seethe performances of the 5 themes that will compete next Saturday to represent Spain in Helsinki.

With the presence of the 5 finalist artists (Merche Llobera, Mirela, NASH, Nazaret and Yanira Figueroa) and the composers of the 5 most supported songs in this Spanish national preselection, Carola, the Swedish representative in 1983, 1991 and 2006, performed her Invincible involving the whole of the public attending at the studios in her powerful performance. People's applause was really huge, and Carola promised to be back on stage later on.

Then, the time for the Spanish competing entries arrived. Busco un hombre was the first song to be performed. A great Massiel, who has been out from stage for 11 years, came back tonight and offered a forceful interpretation to the public. Una lágrima, ameaningful song against the injustice in the World, was presented in second place and was performed by Nina, the Spanish representative in Lausanne 1989. A big applause was given by the public to I love you mi vida, one of the favourite entries to represent Spain, that was performed by Raúl just before Mikel Herzog (Spain 1998 representative)appeared on stage. Mikel sang the male version of La Reina de la Noche. The last song presented tonight was Tu voz se apagará, sang by Gisela (Operación Triunfo 1 competitor).

After the 5 finalist songs were presented to the public, the host Paula Vázquez announced that the Mini-Eurovision prepared for tonight was about to start. Firstly, the Spanish commentator of these last three years, Beatriz Pécker, stated that she will remain in this position for one more year.

The Mini-Eurovision consisted in live performances of five Eurovision 2007 entries:

  • Slovenia. Alenka Gotar, Cvet z juga.
  • Malta. Olivia Lewis, Vertigo.
  • Moldova. Natalia Barbu, Fight.
  • Norway. Guri Schanke, Ven a bailar conmigo.
  • Poland. The Jet Set, Time to party.

A recorded piece of Dmitry Koldun's Work your magic was also shown.

The show continued with the performances of the 5 finalist artists. These are the songs performed by them:

  • Mirela. Oye Mor.
  • NASH. Entra en mi vida.
  • Nazaret. A mi manera (My way).
  • Yanira Figueroa. Diles.
  • Merche Llobera. Sólo por ti.

During the 3 hour show, the Spanish public has had the possibility to express themselves via SMS. These messages were shown on screen along the Gala. Most of themaimed toencourage all the contestants and reveal the public's preferences about the songs.

To close the show, Carola appeared again on stage to perform Fångad av en stormvind, the entry that made hergave her the victoryin Rome in 1991.

Remember that next Saturday 24th the Grand Final will be held. The public will be able to choose both the artist and the song that will represent Spain in Helsinki on May 12th.

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