Finland: Hanna Pakarinen with Leave me alone

by Ilari Karhapää 77 views

The Finnish Euroviisut has finished and the super favourites didn�t let their fans down. Lovex only managed third place when Thunderstone beat them with 33% against 23%. Hanna Pakarinen triumphed in the end and will sing for Finland in the Eurovision song contest 2007 final on May 12th.

Hanna Pakarinen didn’t let down her fans and may have won quite a few new ones tonight. Her two performances were excellent both vocally and visually, especially the second one where she even did the unthinkable: she took a few dance steps (read Hanna’s interview here).

Hanna was born in Lappeenranta, eastern Finland on April 17th, 1981, and proudly speaks the dialect of the region. She is also a true ambassador of the character of people in that region: talkative, open and not afraid to show her feelings. Over the past few years she has won Finns over not only for her talent but also for her nature. Her Cinderella story from a forklift driver to the best selling in English singing Finnish female artist is known to every Finn.

She used to sing in a group called Rained for fun before participating in the very first Finnish Idols in 2004 that she won gaining over 60% of the votes. Her debut album When I become me soon followed and sold platinum. Second album Stronger came in 2005 and sold gold. Her third album was released this week and is called Lovers.

Hanna is signed to Sony BMG Finland, the same recond company that launched Lordi to the Eurovision world last year and has promised to back her fully in this adventure and believe they can make her big also abroad.

Leave me alone will be her seventh hit single.

Here are the full results of Euroviisut 2007:

Super final:
1. Hanna Pakarinen 73.052
2. Thunderstone 54.716
3. Lovex 38.175

First round:
1. Hanna Pakarinen 17,7%
2. Lovex 15,8%
3. Thunderstone 11,5%
4. Laura 9,4%
5. Jann Wilde & Rose Avenue 8,3%
6. Johanna Kurkela 8,1%
7. Humane 7,1%
8. Katra 5,5%
9. Kentala 5,3%
10. Jukka Kuoppamäki 5,0%
11. Jani & Jetsetters 3,7%
12. Beats and Styles 2,6%

Fan website gave its award to the best performer to Johanna Kurkela based on its on line voting. Last year this award was given to Annika Eklund with Shanghain valot.

70% of the 200.000 people that voted on the Iltahelti online poll tonight believe that the right song won.

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