Domain transfer esctoday.com

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To give our visitors the best connection with our servers possible, our domain (esctoday.com) will be transferred to the hostingprovider where our servers are hosted too.

The domain esctoday.com was hosted by eHost. With the release of esctoday.com version 11 (last summer), we decided to host the database-enabled pages at media-wereld.nl because we had many trouble with the company hosted our domain. From the next week on, we can guarantee you the best possible connection with our servers.

Media-wereld.nl (media-world) is hosted, just like the esctoday.com servers, at the hostinglocation of the Dutch company MoveNext. The next week we will be busy with transferring our domain esctoday.com to this company too.
Because of that, it's possible that in the next couple of days esctoday.com will be unavailable for several hours.

We apologize for the possible inconvenience.

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