All set for Finnish final tonight

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Finland, this year's Eurovision Song Contest host nation will choose its representative tonight. The media fuss has been bigger than ever even though the viewing figures have dropped. The betting is hot and pre-contest favourites Lovex and Hanna Pakarinen have kept their pole position. will cover tomorrow night�s final live.

Finland will be hosting its first ever Eurovision song contest in May so the interest is high in media. However the viewing figures are down from previous years despite the scandals around the selection that the yellow press had milked the best they have managed.

The first semi final was watched by over 500.000 people while the fourth last week only by 330.000. Timo Suomi, the producer of Euroviisut is not worried. “The last semi final was against Miss Finland pageant, and the week before that we had a big sport event. I can’t say I’m sorry for the dropping figures as we know why they dropped. Besides, we have wanted to make Euroviisut a show for every age group and checking the viewer figures we have managed to so, even the young people watch Euroviisut now” he concludes. The fact is proven also in today’s online poll in Iltalehti where 72% answered “yes” to the question Are you interested in Euroviisut?

Also the betting offices have been busy and the favourites to win are, if we believe them, Lovex with 2.21 and Hanna Pakarinen with 2.84. Far behind comes Thunderstone 8,68 followed by Katra (9,31), Beats and Styles (10,27), Laura (13,23). Early favourite Humane is 7th with (16.40) and another fan favourites Jann Wilde & Rose Avenue (18.97) and Johanna Kurkela (24,78) haven’t set gamblers on fire either. Bottom free is Jani & Jetsetters (34,26), Kentala (35,51) and Jukka Kuoppamäki (56.00).

It has been rather quiet week in media around Euroviisut. Hanna Pakarinen, who released her third album this week, and Katra have made some headlines and given interviews but otherwise it has been calm, the calm before the storm. YLE has invented a new way to encourage people to show their support besides televoting and sending supportivesms to their favourite artists. This year Finns can send roses to their favourites by sending an SMS to a special service number.Each sms costs €4, and it guarantees one's favored artist will receive a rose on the night of the final. If this works out as planned it might be very interesting. The amount of roses during green room shots might be indicative to the final result.

Also this week YLE’s channels have been filled with TV ads for the artists and voting, made to resemble a lot of the usual parliament or presidential election ads maybe inspired by the soon coming parliament elections in Finland. Each artist walked down the staircase very serious telling the camera in close up in the end “Finnish people, I have serious message to you: vote (insert song title here)” while the song number appears on screen. "

The voting already started last week after the last semi final. Only the three most voted songs will get to the super final in the end, and new voting round between them will take place to select the winner.

Rehearsals kicked off today with all acts doing a 30 minute camera rehearsaleach. Dress rehearsals will be completed tomorrow before the show.

The songs and artists in the Euroviisut 2007 final are (with their voting numbers)

Leave me alone- Hanna Pakarinen (0700-717-01or sms 1to number17132)
See the signs– Beats and Styles (0700-717-02or sms 2 to number17132)
Musta sulhanen– Jani & Jetsetters (0700-717-03 or sms 3 to number17132)
Anyone anymore– Lovex (0700-717-04or sms 4to number17132)
Levitä siivet– Jukka Kuoppamäki (0700-717-05or sms 5to number17132)
Rock 'n Roll Dreams– Jann Wilde & Rose Avenue (0700-717-06 or sms 6to number17132
Tietäjä- Katra (0700-717-07or sms 7to number17132)
Take a chance- Laura (0700-717-08 or sms 8 to number 17132)
Plane away– Humane (0700-717-09 or sms 9to number17132)
Face in the mirror– Thunderstone (0700-717-10or sms 10to number17132)
Olet uneni kaunein– Johanna Kurkela (0700-717-11or sms 11to number17132)
Left my heart behind– Kentala (0700-717-12or sms 12to number17132)

The CD with all 24 songs will be released on February 21 instead of the previously announced February 28.

The final is on YLE TV2, YLE Radio Suomi and YLE Radio Vega at 18.00-19.50 CET. An internet webcast is also expected but not yet confirmed. It will also be on cable and satellite on TV Finland at a later time of 21.10 CET.

Live coverage will be coming up tomorrow night at 18.00 CET right here.

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